AGE Graphic Equipment FZE in Gulf Print & Pack 2022

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Jayakrishna Valluru, Sales Manager at AGE Graphic Equipment FZE

Gulf Print and Pack (GPP) 2022 was held at the Dubai World Trade Centre in May. Jayakrishna Valluru, Sales Manager at AGE Graphic Equipment FZE, says, "GPP 2022 was an extremely good show. We did really well. Just because of the show, we met a good number of customers. The show was really good. It really helped us. Everything was good this time. Moving away from plastic is our focus area. We support the vision of the UAE government. Luckily, since our focus was on packaging equipment, we could sustain ourselves during the pandemic. We are already strong in pre-press. Our roots in software are always strong. We saw a great demand for packaging equipment during the pandemic.  We were lucky to get some orders during the pandemic. Our growth percentage has been good. AGE got a blend of hardware and software knowledge. With our expertise, we can advise customers to choose the best options. Now, we are introducing a new ERP software and another software called Chroma Checker. We are in the process of implementing them."

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