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RISO ComColor FT Series

GCG Enterprise Solutions, a long-time market leader in the printing industry, has capitalized tremendously from its early adoption of Inkjet Printers thanks to a successful partnership with RISO. In contrast to Laser technology, Inkjet printers create a printed image by meticulously controlled deflection of jetted ink droplets through the air between print-head and print surface.

Today, GCG offers the latest Inkjet technology launched by RISO. ‘’RISO ComColor opens a wide range of possibilities from clean environment to breath-taking speeds. Features that makes return of investment quick and hassle free.’’ Nabeel Bishtawi – Division Manager, Gulf Commercial Group.

The ComColor FT series completes the ComColor range with 4 new models. At 100 pages per minute, the FT5000 A4 color model offers entry-level speeds. The FT5230 and FT5430, two A4/A3 color models offer print speeds of 120 and 140 ppm respectively and a 140 ppm monochrome model, the FT1430 will be released later this year.

The FORCEJETTM inkjet technology developed by RISO combines productivity and eco-responsibility. Guaranteeing high printing speed, integrated technology considerably reduces the equipment’s power consumption while preserving the working environment with no ozone emissions. With RISO on board, GCG is proud to offer high-performance products with a minimized environmental footprint.

This new series offers many advantages, including productivity, autonomy, print quality and flexibility thanks to a wide range of accessories.

With ultra-fast printing speeds from 100 to 140 ppm and outstanding reliability, production peaks are easily handled and waiting times reduced. As paper is never exposed to any heat source it does not curl, which considerably reduces the risk of paper jams. Extremely compact, the FT series can also be integrated into any environment.

Accessories such as an additional 2,000-sheet feeder can be added, providing a total feeding capacity of 4,000 sheets. And because every industry has specific printing needs, the FT models offer several finishing options thanks to a multifunction finisher that can produce stapled documents at speeds of up to 125 pages per minute.

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