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At Konica Minolta, we help

                                                          customers to expand their
                                                          businesses to the growing markets

                                                          of digital label, print production and


                                                                      Short run & print on demand
                                                                      label jobs with white 5  color
                                                                      along with traditional CMYK
                                                                      toner based roll to roll digital
                                                                      label press.

          Incorporates Konica Minolta’s
          unique UV inks and inkjet heads.

          Supports customers’ business

                                                                      Digital Embellishment
                                                                      press ready.
                                                                      Spot UV, varnish & Foil

                                                                      digital embellishment

          Up to 140ppm full color.

          Flagship digital presses
          will take your business
           to the next level.

       Contact us:

       Konica Minolta Business Solutions Middle East DMCC
       Tel. No. +971 4 880 8388
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