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     UV LED vs Latex – Should you                                                               PRINT BY

     rethink your ink?                                                                             100

                                                                                                100 participants will be
        Mustafa Okanovic, Sr.                                            heat is used to evaporate the
      Product Specialist, Mimaki                                         water, leaving the pigment   accepted to the Canon
      Europe writes that over the                                        and latex particles behind.   Student Development
      last decade, the adoption of                                       On the other hand, UV-LED   Programme 2023.
      digital printing has                                               inks are not water based, and   page 9
      accelerated, and this                                              instead rely on specially
      technology is even becoming                                        designed UV lights following
      a popular option for the                                           the print heads to dry the
      future of industrial-scale                                         substrate.                85k
                                                                          Different PSPs will
      printing. However, the best                                        prioritise different factors
      type of ink to use in this                                         when choosing their printer.
      sector is still debated, and                                       H owe v e r ,  U V- L E D   EcoVadis has a global
      the decision depends largely   UV-LED ultimately delivers a quicker return on investment  technology clearly leads the   network of over 85,000
      on the factors you consider.                                       w a y i n t e r m s o f   rated companies.
        As with any recurring   In order to maximize profits   Latex printers, which is a   susta inabilit y, cost-  page 11
      investment,  inks  are  an   and keep CO2 emissions low,   more beneficial investment?  effectiveness, flexibility,
                                                    UV LED or Latex Printing
      important factor to look at   it is important for the printer   – What is the difference?  scratch resistance and
      when investing in a printer   to create added value, be   Latex inks are water based   qu a l it y. W it h t h is
      or press, especially for large-  versatile in its applications   pigmented inks containing   combination  of benefits,
      scale operations. Not only do   and for the ink to be good   small  particles  of  latex,   UV-LED ultimately delivers a   $95
      the recurring costs add up,   value to begin with. So,   which is a form of plastic.   qu ic ker ret u r n on
      but so do the CO2 emissions.   considering UV-LED and   Once applied to a product,   investment.   Esko’s Mox platform is
                                                                                                available for an annual
      BOBST innovations showcased by key                                                        $95 per user per month.
                                                                                                 subscription, pricing is
      partners at interpack 2023                                                                      page 14

        At interpack 2023, taking                                        increasing demand in the
      place in Düsseldorf, 4-10                                          industry for more paper-
      May, BOBST innovations                                             based packaging options.   14%
      will be a major presence                                            “If there’s one theme
      throughout the tradeshow,                                          uniting our presence at
      with several samples and                                           interpack 2023 it is the   Roularta Printing
      machines shown at stands                                           power of partnerships,” said   expects to reduce the
      across the exhibition.                                             Sara Alexander. “Industry   company’s overall
                                                                         collaborations are so vital in
      BOBST staff will be on hand                                        areas like sustainability,   carbon footprint by 14
      during the exhibition to                                           where innovation is required
      discuss the benefits of these                                      in an unprecedented          percent.
      innovations with attendees.                                        timescale throughout the     page 24
      Highlights include fully                                           whole value chain. We are
      converted  packaging                                               proud to have a presence at so
      samples using revolutionary   BOBST innovations to be a major presence throughout tradeshow  many of our partners’
      oneBARRIER sustainable   a polymer-based mono-  EVOH-free, top-coat free   stands.”         13m
      solutions and daily live   material developed by   solution for full PE barrier   Visitors to interpack may
      demos featuring a BOBST   BOBST and its partners,   and is an alternative to   be interested in visiting one   DIC India sets up a new
      laminator.            which is recycle-ready while   metallized polyester film.  of  BOBST’s European
        At several stands,   retaining excellent barrier   oneBARRIER FibreCycle   Competence Centers, where   factory with a total
      companies will present   qualities, making it a   is another member of the   they will have the   investment of INR 1100m
                                                   oneBARRIER family. It is a
      converted samples of   potentially groundbreaking   high barrier, paper-based,   opportunity to view,   (13.3m USD).
      p ac k a g i ng  u s i ng  development for sustainable   recycle-ready solution   understand and test printing   page 18
      oneBARRIER PrimeCycle –   packaging. PrimeCycle is an  created in response to   and converting solutions.                                                                     April 2023 PrintWeek MENA  07
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