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      Significans Automation                                                                   Canon &
                                                                                               Teklynx deal
      launches Virtual InkBooks                                                                with Teklynx International
                                                                                                Canon has partnered

                                                                                               to develop new Teklynx
                                                                                               native printer drivers for
        Significans Automation, a                                        Raad. ‘At its core, this soft-  Canon’s on-demand color
      provider of integration and                                        ware solution exemplifies   label printer lineup. These
      automation systems for the                                         simplicity and delivers   drivers are compatible with
      graphic arts industries, has                                       unprecedented value for   Canon’s LX-D1300,
      launched Version 1.0 of its                                        anyone seeking to adopt   LX-D5500, and LX-P1300
      cloud-based ink manage-                                            automation efficiencies into   label printers.With Teklynx
      ment utility, Virtual                                              their workflows.’     barcode and label design
      InkBooks.Developed for cre-                                         According to Significans   software and the new driv-
      ating custom ink libraries,                                        Automation, it first designed   ers, Canon label printers
      Virtual InkBooks allows                                            Virtual InkBooks based on   are designed to help pro-
      users to view cataloged and                                        the needs of its California-  duce a high volume of labels
                                                                                               and speed up the design
      custom ink libraries in real-                                      based corrugated display   process.
      time, giving production   Significans Automation launches Version 1.0 of its Virtual InkBooks  ‘Canon’s  collaboration
      teams the ability to easily                                        and packaging client, Bay   with Teklynx demonstrates
                                                                         Cities who recognized the
      customize and record job-  and augmenting color con-  and costly in today’s digitally    our commitment to our cus-
      specific ink data in the   sistency across multiple   driven market. ‘We devel-  benefits of automating color   tomers, providing compa-
      cloud. These libraries can be   platforms.   oped Virtual InkBooks to   data management.   nies with the ability to print
                                                   give our customers the abil-
      used for repeat work down-     According to Marc Raad,   ity to control color up-front   According to the company,   colorful and vivid labels
      stream or across multiple   CEO of Significans   and repeat it rather than   the development of Virtual   quickly and efficiently,’ said
                            Automation, the time and
      jobs on a variety of output   effort required in the past to  spending valuable time   InkBooks has been a natural   Isao Kobayashi, senior vice
      devices, reducing make-  achieve accurate, consistent   downstream interpreting   progression for Significans   president and general man-
      ready costs and improving   color is simply too tedious   and matching,’ commented   Automation.  ager of Canon USA.
      Faller’s             IPSi launches                                Circularise secures 11

      whitepaper           automated system                             mn EUR investment

        Faller Packaging has
      published a whitepaper   Epson has joined forces                   Neste, Brightlands Venture
      answering many ques-  with  its  reseller  partner,               Partners, 4 Impact VC and
      tions asked by pharmaceu-  Integrated Productivity                Asahi Kasei have invested a
      tical manufacturers   Systems (IPSi), to create an                combined 11 million EUR into
      regarding recyclable pack-  automated print-and-apply             Netherlands-based startup
      aging, including what   labeling system leveraging                Circularise. The goal of the
      material is best for making   the Epson ColorWorks on-            investment is to accelerate the
      it sustainable, how often   demand color label printer            transformation to more sus-
      can it be reused and what   and the Epson VT6L 6-Axis             tainable materials within the
      savings can be achieved   robot to help businesses add            polymers and chemicals   Circularise secures investment
      through its design.  efficiency and cost savings to   Print and apply labeling system  industry by providing tracea-
        According to Faller,   their operations.  Automation Services, a full-  bility and visibility of material   tion for mass balance book-
      companies in Europe are   Focused on helping small-               flows along value chains.  keeping, to support the shift
      becoming increasingly   to mid-size manufacturers   service integrator and man-  With its blockchain-based   from fossil feedstocks to sus-
      aware of environmental   and distributors who do not   ufacturer of custom   digital product passports,   tainable alternatives in the
      protection and sustaina-  have the expertise or   automated machinery, IPSi   Circularise enables customers   plastic and chemicals indus-
      bility. This includes not   resources to design, develop   developed a robotic print-  to improve resource use, ver-  try.  Circularise helps suppli-
      only the products they   and quickly implement pro-  and-apply system for   ify provenance, conduct car-  ers to share sensitive data, like
      manufacture, but also the   cess improvements in their   streamlining the process of   bon footprint and impact   material composition, envi-
      packaging these products   operations, IPSi saw an   getting products packaged   assessments across supply   ronmental footprint or LCA
      come in. Faller says that   opportunity to combine the            chains. This is relevant in   data, without risking privacy
      the impact on the packag-  high-quality  labels  of  the   and labeled as quickly and   complex supply chains such as   and confidentiality. This is
      ing industry is especially   ColorWorks printer with an   efficiently as possible.  those of polymers, chemicals,   achieved  with technology,
      big as it must meet the   Epson 6-Axis robot to bring   The system is currently   plastics, metals, and critical   which allows suppliers to be
      requirements of consum-  color and automation to   installed and in use with IPSi   raw materials. Additionally,   in control of which data they
      ers.                 businesses. Bringing on JM   customers.      the company provides a solu-  want to share.                                                                   December 2022 PrintWeek MENA 19
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