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      Polytag, Xact and Interket                                                               Bostik’s new

      partner for DDRS pilot                                                                    Bostik has launched two

                                                                                               new products for the tape
                                                                                               and label market in India
        Recycling technology                                             Northern Irish governments   Bostik HM2060 and Bostik
      company Polytag, label man-                                        are expected to announce the   HM2070. Bostik HM2060
      ufacturer Interket and one                                         response to the DRS consul-  adhesive is developed for Fast
      of the UK’s leading coding                                         tation in the coming months.   Moving Consumer Goods
      and marking specialists,                                           There is increasing pressure   (FMCG), pharmaceutical
      Xact, have teamed up to ena-                                       on the devolved administra-  and logistics industries.
      ble Ocado Retail to deliver a                                      tions to consider a comple-  Bostik HM2060 assumes
      first-of-its-kind Digital                                          mentary digital solution   the dual role of a hot melt
      Deposit Return Scheme                                              – particularly following   pressure sensitive adhesive
                                                                                               (HMPSA) and label, making
      (DDRS) pilot in the UK. The                                        widespread criticism of the   it the ideal for labels that
      trial will test the feasibility   The trial will test the feasibility of a key component of a DDRS   Scottish reverse vending   need to endure high convert-
      of a key component of a                                            machine-based DRS rollout.  ing speed of above 100
      DDRS - the application of   been possible to print  space on the label using a   Upon scanning the QR   meters per minute.
      ‘unique-every-time’ QR   ‘unique-every-time’ QR   proprietary connection to   codes, consumers will also   In the adhesive coating
      codes to packaging. Xact and   codes using digital label   the Polytag technology.  receive instructions and a   process of Bostik HM2060,
      Interket will apply Polytag’s   printing, at significantly   Polytag’s ‘unique-every-  clear call-to-action for shop-  only a lower operating tem-
      codes to Ocado’s fully recy-  reduced  speeds and far   time’ QR codes will be   pers, further simplifying the   perature is required.
      clable two-pint and four-  higher costs. This new pro-  printed onto Interket’s   recycling process. Polytag’s   Compared to regular
      pint milk bottles, made up of  cess means that brands and  Ecoket labels, which are   QR code and app-based   HMPSAs, Bostik HM2060 is
      at least 30 percent recycled   retailers can continue to use  manufactured from a mini-  mobile phone technology is   said to offer improved oil and
      material, over the next 12   standard plate printing label  mum of 30 percent post-  also built to meet GS1 stand-  solvent resistance and better
      weeks.                techniques and simply digi-  consumer recyclate (PCR).  ards, following its approval   adhesion on low surface
        Until now, it has only   tize a 16mm x 16mm white   English, Welsh and   by GS1 UK earlier this year.  energy (LSE) substrates.
      Lovimals opts for Eco Flexibles  Prices go up for XSYS

      EcoFlow Pouch                                                      nyloprint products

        UK-headquartered sus-                                             XSYS has increased the
      tainable flexible packaging                                        prices for its nyloprint let-
      business Eco Flexibles has                                         terpress  plates  between
      partnered with pet multivi-                                        eight and 16 percent from
      tamin treat brand Lovimals                                         January 2023 following the
      to switch its packaging to a                                       continued sharp rise in the
      lightweight, recyclable                                            cost of raw materials and
      monopolymer alternative.                                           surcharges levied by suppli-
      Looking to reduce overall                                          ers.
      waste and introduce recy-  Eco Flexibles partners with pet multivitamin treat brand Lovimals   According to the compa-  XSYS increases the prices
      clable packaging in place of                                       ny’s statement, while XSYS
      its incumbent mixed-mate-  quantities and reduced   its mixed plastic packaging   has been able to offset a pro-  price increases, it has
      rial  PETand  PE  design,   overall production waste.  wasn’t cutting it - and took   portion of the recent and   proven to be a continuous
      Lovimals chose Eco      Simon Buswell, director at  action.        ongoing increases in costs   challenge to secure the
      Flexibles to deliver a graph-  Eco Flexibles, commented:   ‘We often say that sustain-  against various efficiency   transportation of these spe-
      ically impactful monopoly-  ‘We were delighted to take   ability never needs to come at   measures and optimization   cial materials with delays
      mer flexible packaging   the  lead  on  this  fantastic   the cost of performance, and   of processes, it has now   negatively affecting produc-
      format that combined                                               become necessary to share   tion  schedules  and  lead
      improved sustainability   packaging project. Lovimals   our work with Lovimals high-  some of the financial bur-  times.
      credentials with exemplary   is a notable example of a  lights that. The tasty wellness   den.   Furthermore, the cost of
      performance.           brand putting sustainability   supplement treats had to be   This decision will support   energy across the board
        Eco Flexibles supplied its   at the heart of their values.   held securely in a pack with   the ongoing growth of the   remains at a consistently
      digitally printed EcoFlow   The business had identified   high barrier performance   market and secure the reli-  inflated level impacting not
      Pouch with PE zipper, giv-  that while sustainability   and look great on-shelf. Our   able supply of nyloprint let-  only transport, but also
      ing Lovimals greater flexi-  remains so high on the busi-  EcoFlow Pouch ticks every   terpress printing plates. In   storage and other ware-
      bility in minimum order   ness and consumer agenda,   box.’        addition to the mentioned   housing activities.
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