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      Caldera releases latest version  new distributor

      of its CalderaRIP programme                                                              appointed Art Systems as the
                                                                                                 Hahnemühle has

                                                                                               master distributor for its
        French software devel-                                           of all Caldera products.  Digital FineArt range in the
      oper Caldera has released                                           When registering a new   UK.  The move follows a
      the latest version of its                                          license, the validation pro-  review of the paper maker’s
      CalderaRIP  program  for                                           cess is now fully automated   sales structure and strategy
      large-format digital printing                                      to save time and ease the   by UK managing director
      and cutting. The company                                           installation experience.  Nancy Janes.
      said its users have been able                                                              Janes commented:
      to upgrade their RIP  to                                            Powered by the latest ver-  “Hahnemühle products have
      Version 16 since Wednesday                                         sion of Adobe PDF Print   been used by Picasso and
      (2  November) to  benefit                                          Engine (v6), CalderaRIP is   NASA, we are craftsman in
      from the full range of new                                         said to always print the ren-  the digital age and have gen-
      features and improvements.                                         dering expected by the   erations of knowledge to pass
        Highlights include seven   Version 16 contains a raft of new features  designer.       onto our customers and part-
      new features that will be  “CalderaRIP keeps improv-  to deliver what’s best for   Adobe’s PDF engine makes   ners. We need quality time to
      available for all Version 16  ing with state-of-the-art tech-  them – and to address the   it easier to manage extended   grow the Hahnemühle brand
      users, and a new licensing   nologies ensuring reliability   new challenges of our indus-  colour gamuts, brand col-  in the UK and having a best-
      experience. Additionally,   and top performance for all   try.”    ours, varnish, and foils with   in-class distribution partner
      Version 16 is compatible   our users.         The first major improve-  increased performance, pre-  in Art Systems will enable us
      with the newly released                                                                  to do that.”
      macOS Ventura, while more   “We are also proud to con-  ment regards the licensing   dictability, and consistency   Hahnemühle has been
      than 50 new Print and Cut   tinue having Pantone   experience of all Caldera   compared to previous ver-  making paper in Germany
      drivers have been added to   Libraries in our solutions to   users. CalderaDock has been  sions, making it possible for   since 1584 and has three
      the software’s ISO.   help our customers deliver   updated to v2.0 and becomes  users to print “impeccable   business units: Digital
        Arnaud Fabre, head of  outstanding results. Caldera   the central application to reg-  results” regardless of the   FineArt, Traditional FineArt
      product  at Caldera,  said:  users can trust our solutions   ister and manage the licenses  application.  and Life Sciences.
      Bowe Group invests in                                              Pantone

      robotics tech                                                      alternatives mooted

                                                                          Alternatives to Pantone
        Bowe Group has invested                                          are popping up as the fallout
      in a specialist software busi-                                     from the Adobe-Pantone
      ness that promises to revolu-                                      split also gains wider traction
      tionise the time and costs                                         in the design community.
      involved in deploying auton-                                       Innovation advisor Eddy
      omous robots. Germany-                                             Hagen has pooled the exper-
      headquartered Bowe has led                                         tise from a variety of experts
      an $8.2m (£6.97m) invest-                                          including the UK’s Paul   Part of Freetone colour picker
                                                                         Sherfield on Project BBCG, a
      ment round in Israeli start-                                       Better Brand Color Guide.
      up Mov.AI.                                                                               brand owners to define more
        Mov.AI’s technology                                              The project went live last   print-safe CMYK conver-
      allows Autonomous Mobile   Autonomous Mobile Robots: market is poised for “hypergrowth”  month.   sions, with .ASE files or with
      Robots (AMRs) such as   of-the-box tools and infra-  gration partner and has   Hagen commented:   the creation of CxF files.
      those used in warehouses   structure “to develop  used Mov.AI’s technology   “Current guides are flawed,   Separately, multidiscipli-
      and industrial automation                                          ambiguous, incomplete. We   nary artist Stuart Semple of
      to be deployed more quickly   unique, easy to deploy AMR  it self at it s Bowe   need better: rock-solid col-  Culture Hussle has created a
      and easily, compared with   software at a fraction of the  Intralogistics conveyor sys-  our definitions, independent
      existing systems which were   time and cost”, including a  tems business.  of Pantone libraries, more   ‘Freetone’ palette of 1,280
      described as “monolithic   3D simulator that allows   Existing investors State of   print-safe CMYK, easy   “Pantone-ish” colours that
      and inflexible” because the   users to test robot software  Mind Ventures, NFX, and   exchange via .ASE.” He also   also includes his own colour
      software is tightly linked to                                      said that Project BBCG   recipes for Pinkest  Pink,
      the robot hardware. By con-  without the need for a physi-  Viola Ventures were also   would offer business oppor-  Black 3.0, Incredibly
      trast, Mov.AI’s Robotics   cal robot.        involved in the fresh invest-  tunities for pre-press houses   Kelinish Blue and another
      Engine Platform offers out-  Bowe is an existing inte-  ment.      and printers by helping   blue called TIFF.
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