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      Canon hosts Partners’ Conference

        Canon Middle East and                                            celebration of CMET’s part-  establish a common under-
      Turkey (CMET), success-                                            ners from across the region   standing with our partners
      fully hosted its annual                                            and offered an opportunity   on how the future world will
      regional Partners’                                                 for dialogue, discourse and   look like and pay attention
      Conference for the Middle                                          appreciation of the resil-  to the new changing behav-
      East and Turkey region at                                          ience and determination of   iors of the customer of
      the iconic Museum of the                                           the partners, in facing and   tomorrow. We want our
      Future in Dubai on 10th                                            overcoming the challenges   partners to really embrace
      November 2022.                                                     of the COVID-19 pandemic   the future and what it holds
        The 2023  event theme                                            period. Complimented by a   in terms of technology and
      reiterated, strengthened,                                          focus on streamlining organ-  social change, and we are
      and further built upon the                                         izational and operational   here to support them every
      ‘New  Customers, New   Canon hosted the event at the Museum of the Future in Dubai  efficiencies and solid gov-  step of the way. I want to
      World’ theme,  with an                                             ernance, CMET’s 2023 road-
      approach to “RETHINK,   like hybrid working models   tinguished panel of experts   map is also underscored by   thank all our partners for
      REVIVE and REACH”     and shifting consumer shop-  including Amrita Sethi – the   the mindset of living “Our   their patience, resilience,
      which takes the company a   ping patterns, underscored   UAE’s first NFT   Purpose” which is a strong   and persistence in forging
      step closer to the ‘Customer   by the need for long-term   (SoundBYTE) artist, Dr Jane   reflection of Canon’s philos-  ahead, in spite of the chal-
      of Tomorrow’. The confer-  sustainable solutions.  Thomason – Futurist, and   ophy of KYOSEI – Living   lenges of a global pandemic
      ence provided a framework   CMET hosted a Frontiers   Baha Hamadi of the Deep   and working together for the   and as we emerge in a new
      for discussing the changing   of Innovation session to   Knowledge Group, where   common good.  era, Canon remains com-
      industry trends and   deep dive into the Metaverse  they shared their knowledge   Venkatasubramanian   mitted to implementing ini-
      addressed the new customer   ecosystem titled: “A   and discussed the influence   (Subbu)  Hariharan,   tiatives that welcome a
      behaviors that are reflective   Glimpse of what’s possible –  and impact of the Metaverse   Managing Director of   prosperous future and sus-
      of the “new normal” - a new   the evolution of new busi-  on the evolution of custom-  CMET commented:   tain and strengthen its rela-
      reality that is also being   ness into the new world”.   ers and businesses in the   “Through our Partners’   tionships with its partners,
      fueled by additional factors  The session included a dis-  future. The event was also a  Conference, we want to   customers and employees.”

      “New World New Customers is our customer-centric theme”

        Canon Middle East and                                                    tomer behaviors and new   that we are operating in a
      Turkey (CMET), hosted its                                          customer segments, but   “new world” that is fueled
      annual regional Partners’                                          we’re also having to custom-  by rapid digital transforma-
      Conference in Dubai on 10                                          ize our business strategies to   tion, hybrid working models
      November      2022.                                                meet these new needs. With
      Venkatasubramanian                                                 a focus to “RETHINK” and   and shifting consumer
      (Subbu) Hariharan,                                                 “REVIVE” our approach to   behaviour, and our core
      M a n a g i n g                                                    “REACH” our goal of getting   2023 focus is on serving the
      Director, Canon Middle                                             closer to the customer of   needs of the “new custom-
      East and Turkey, says that,                                        tomorrow, we are optimistic   ers” with the Canon ecosys-
      “ “N e w  Wo r l d N e w                                           that we will be successful   tem, which is unique in its
      Customers” is our customer-                                        and able to unlock new busi-
      centric theme and is under-  “Our 2023 approach is encapsulated in ‘Rethink Revive Reach’”  ness opportunities for the   offering of providing a prod-
      scored by our 2023 approach   behaviors. We are operating   erations for doing business.   future.   uct, solution or service for
      to “RETHINK, REVIVE and   in a never-before-seen busi-  There is no denying that we   “No doubt, the needs of   any customer segment, the
      REACH” to take Canon                                               businesses are growing, and   customer of tomorrow. At
      closer to the “Customer of   ness environment where   are now encountering  a   the pace of innovation is   the same time, we will con-
      Tomorrow”. We are now in a   hybrid working models,   “New Customer in a New   accelerating, and our focus is   tinue streamlining organiza-
      new era that can be classi-  shifting consumer shopping   World” – which has far-  on ensuring that we are
      fied as “the new normal”,   patterns, and long-term sus-  reaching implications on   ready for the “customer of   tional and operational
      with changing industry   tainable solutions are top of   how we do business. Not   tomorrow”.  efficiencies with solid gov-
      trends and new customer   mind and important consid-  only are we witnessing cus-  He adds, “we recognize   ernance.

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