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     Vehicle graphics with HP’s                                                                 PRINT BY

     printing solutions                                                                           600

                                                                                                  At the end of 2023,
        The market for car vinyl                                         highly flexible and easy to
      printing and vehicle wrap                                          work with, allowing you to   BOBST will deliver its
      printing services is buoyant;                                      work with the most difficult   600th rotary die cutter
      the growth in e-commerce                                           surfaces and shapes. And,   worldwide.
      and home delivery has driven                                       because they are fully com-  page 5
      demand for branded vehicles                                        patible with all major vinyl
      on the road. The good news                                         brands from monomeric,
      is that car wrap printer and                                       polymeric, and cast, you can
      ink technologies are evolv-                                        guarantee high-quality    1bn
      ing, enabling printers to                                          printed vinyl wrap sheets
      overcome these challenges,                                         with most materials. When
      transform into modern digi-                                                                Hotpack to invest SAR 1
      tal-first businesses, and build   HP Latex is one of these technologies for vehicle graphics  applying a printed vinyl onto   bn to build packaging
      a solid base for future   If they can deliver high-qual-  prints. HP Latex enables you   a complex shape, like a wing   production plant in KSA.
      growth. HP Latex is one of   ity graphics to clients faster,   to confidently take on same-  mirror or spoiler, the inks   page 09
      these technologies.   they can say yes to more jobs.  day and quick turnaround   will stretch without cracking
        HP’s creative approach to   To help save time, prints   jobs with excellent results.  or losing saturation–even
      printer technology innova-  come out of HP Latex   Media waste is another big   when printed with white
      tion is creating a fast, bright   Printers, completely dry, and  cost-base for graphics print-  inks. This shows how using a
      and efficient future in vehicle   ready to be laminated and   ers; inks cracking during   Latex Printer for vehicle   20
      graphics. For vehicle graph-  installed immediately, saving  installation is a common   wraps can save time and
      ics specialists, time is money.   the time required to degas   problem. HP Latex Inks are   money spent on re-prints.  Canon cameras
                                                                                                maintain No. 1 share of
      BOBST joins forces with tesa to                                                           the global market for 20
                                                                                                  consecutive years.
      provide complete solutions                                                                      page 10

        A close cooperation agree-                                       quality products with greater
      ment between BOBST and                                             consistency and repeatabil-
      tesa, one of the world’s lead-                                     ity.                      360
      ing manufacturers of tapes                                          “BOBST is pleased to take
      and self-adhesive product
      solutions, has been                                                the next step in the estab-  Durst Group
      announced. The two compa-                                          lished relationship with tesa,   to showcase
      nies are deepening their rela-                                     as we strengthen the cooper-
      tionship to offer joint                                            ation between the two busi-  “360 Production
      solutions for high quality                                         nesses  to  provide  an   Excellence” at FESPA
      flexographic printing and                                          all-inclusive solutions pack-  page 11
      more cohesive support for                                          age of equipment and con-
      their customers.     BOBST is
      continuing on its journey to                                       sumables,” said Frank
      provide complete solutions                                         Jurczyk, Head of Product
      that will allow customers to   The two companies are deepening their relationship   Marketing, CI Flexo. BOBST   $50
      grow their businesses and   tesa is known for its  cartons. With the optimal   is constantly evaluating new
      find the most profitable and   advanced plate mounting  tesa tape available for all   opportunities that will bene-
      sustainable ways of maxi-  tapes and sleeves, splicing  applications, BOBST’s cus-  fit customers, and our vision   Georgia-Pacific is
      mizing  productivity  and   tapes, cushioning foams, and  tomers will be able to work to   for the future of the packag-  making significant
      eliminating waste. To this                                         ing industry includes work-
      end, the company has   other complementary prod-  a known standard, which                  investments, totaling
      entered into an agreement   ucts which are used in CI and  will save time in job prepara-  ing together with other   more than $50 million.
      with tesa to provide complete   inline flexographic printing  tion and press setup, lower   providers, such as tesa, who   page  23
      solutions to the printing and   for flexible packaging, labels,  waste for more sustainable   are also experts in their
      converting industry.  corrugated boxes and folding  operation, and deliver high-  areas.                                                                      May 2023 PrintWeek MENA  07
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