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As the market-leading print industry media brand, Printweek has always prided itself on ensuring its readers are the best informed on the issues and news that affect their businesses.
However, our industry and our readers’ needs are changing and while that may be nothing new, what is new is the speed of that change.
We live in a multimedia age and our readers – your potential customers – are increasingly looking for information across a range of delivery platforms: print, online and experiential.

So to ensure that Printweek continues to give its readers the information they need in a format they want, in 2019 we re-launched the magazine as a more thoughtful monthly title.
The reason we did this was to focus on the strength of print – its unrivalled depth of engagement. While nothing can compete with the immediacy of online in terms of breaking the latest news, when it comes to delivering thought-provoking feature content, agenda-setting analysis and insightful, in-depth reviews, nothing can touch print.
So our solution to ensure we meet our readers’ changing needs was to publish a monthly magazine that focuses on in-depth, feature-led content in parallel with a website that breaks the latest news as it happens. Because, talking to our readers, it’s clear that when it comes to their information needs, print and online are complementary – they don’t use one or the other, they use both, just in different ways.
To get a true understanding of our readers’ needs you just have to flick through a copy of the new-look Printweek or visit the refreshed website because these insights are the DNA of everything we’ve done.
Better still, ask your customers or your customers’ customers (print buyers) how they engage with media and what brands they rely on in the graphic arts sector. And then just ask us how we can help you engage with our unrivalled audience across any of our market-leading platforms to achieve your marketing goals.

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