AGFA Acorta 3120 HS installed at KKraft Brand Design Limited

AGFA Acorta 3120 HS has been installed at KKraft Brand Design Limited. Kituku Kinyae, CEO and founder of KKraft Brand Design Limited, said that, “Acorta is our second machine from AGFA. We invested in Anapurna in 2020. It is highly reliable and our distributor in Dubai is efficient in communication and supplies of consumables. While we get our inks from Belgium, supply chain is highly efficient that we hardly get any delays. AGFA engineers and staff generally are overly supportive. We look forward into getting our third AGFA machine soon.”

The CEO continues, “we purchased the machine now. Because we have a lot of demands for precission cutting. Most of our customers are demanding recyclable display solutions and ACORTA comes in handy in cutting of corrugate displays. The machine’s cutting and creasing of Corrugate boards attracted us the most. And we invested approximately 350,000 USD on machines only, excluding AA consumables. The timeline for the installation was upto seven days.” Kituku Kinyae added that they have plans to invest in other AGFA machines.

According to the CEO, KKraft Brand Design Limited has experienced gradual growth even with the effects of COVID-19. “Our customers are demanding more cost-effective innovations, and we are up to the challenge.”

KKraft Brand Design Limited has earned a well-deserved reputation among a growing number of loyal customers in design, printing, POSM manufacture, interior and exterior 3-D props, decorative brand-building and signage. Kituku Kinyae explained, “this is because we are innovative, affordable and bold. Our team of talented and experienced professionals specialize in creating unique and eyecatching designs for retail visibility items, Point of Sale, trade shows, permanent and temporary exhibitions, signage, restaurants, resorts, casinos, and other trade activity venues. Our services include Design, Printing, Branding, Signage, Packaging and POSM (point of sale visibility solutions).”

When asked about the pandemic period, Kituku Kinyae said, “it was a tough period. We have seen businesses closed down however KKraft worked through the COVID season. May be not as much but we picked some learnings that will be of great help to the business in future.”

In Kinyae’s opinion on industry trends, “customers are looking for affordable innovations. The cost of materials and operations generally goes up every day. It is not easy to strike a balance. I think packaging will grow tremendously.”

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