Epson stands firm with commitment to business inkjet technology and to its channel partners

  • HP’s retraction from the business inkjet market viewed as highly advantageous to Epson’s growth potential, and that of its channel partners
  • HP’s thermal inkjet is not the same as Epson’s heat-free Precision Core piezo inkjet, which remains the ideal solution for sustainable, reliable, low-cost business print

With HP retracting from the only business print segment to see growth over recent years, Epson views the move as highly advantageous to its own growth potential, and that of its channel partners. Remaining committed to its indirect sales model, Epson is reassuring its partners that it will not be making a similar switch back to laser technology or changing its technology portfolio.

“Our award-winning inkjet technology is not the same as HP’s and while they have withdrawn from the business inkjet market in favour of laser, we will continue to support the advantages offered by our proprietary heat-free Precision Core piezo inkjet technology. HP’s withdrawal from the market is of huge advantage to us and offers growth potential for both Epson and our channel partners,” says Jason McMillan, Sales Director, Epson Middle East.

“We believe our technology offers the future of sustainable business printing,” continues McMillan. “The industry is looking for better, more sustainable technologies and Epson’s inkjet technology answers this need. Unlike HP’s thermal inkjet and all laser technologies, our award-winning piezo inkjet technology requires no heat during the printing process so is by its very nature more sustainable – requiring far less energy and generating less CO2.

“HP’s withdrawal from the business inkjet market would indicate that their technology is not viable in this market. We however remain 100% confident and committed to our Precision Core Heat-free technology, and to our channel partners.” 

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