Afra receives positive response from Etirama Open House

Afra International’s open house event for Etirama receives more customers across the country. The event started on 1st August and would be going through until 20th August. The event has multiple scheduled demos for the registered customers.

Vinay Krishnan, Afra International, commented about the show, “The event received excellent responses from the scheduled demos which allow the customers to spend a quality time with our prospects making them understand the equipment well. Rather than bringing a huge crowd, it’s a more focused exclusive scheduled demos, where clients can spend a quality time with the equipment, identifying & understanding the advantages, pros & cons, and the whole concept of the solution. We have done good numbers of such scheduled demos so far, which gone beyond our expectation, and got excellent response from the market. We are approaching this event in a totally different manner. Because, it’s more than a scheduled exclusive, focused demo. We would really like to make the local market level printers familiarise with our solution.”

He continued, “We have organized the event for over 3 weeks. We found that no one has ever tried this approach and may be we have more courage to do such events in future, where prospects can spend good time exclusively with the equipment, rather than a crowd environment where clients get a very little time with the machine. During the event we have showcased the Etirama SPS2 – The flagship flexo press of Etirama. A Versatile servo driven flexo press, which is definitely a very sensibly automated, ROI guaranteed solution. The machine which is displayed in our live demo is the flagship SPS2 – 8 colour presses with multiple converting stations and all the embellishments.”

Talking about the trends, he added, “Off course, the introduction of Etirama to the market through AFRA is a well thought well prepared approach of AFRA. Looking at the current conditions of the market, most important thing we have found is that, this is being brought as a solution for current day problems of the commercial segment printers as well as the packaging segment printers. We are bringing an affordable 100% ROI guaranteed solution without compromising the printing quality. Print quality is equivalent to all the western European and American presses with affordable investments. Here we bring the right and perfect solution for current day problems. This is a perfect approach to the current market conditions. Based on the proper research, printers will be relieved by choosing the ROI guaranteed solution, as a strong real solution that ensures customer’s fruitful business in 18-24 months.

Talking about the marketing plans, he further added, “We have a range of realistic marketing plans, which makes the customers to understand the significance of product range, helping them to come out from the current market problems, also adding more profit centric businesses to the print fraternity. To be precise, this approach is very realistic, supporting especially for the new comers of flexo label segment. We have well experienced team to support long term to the segment. Afra as a company, we are marketing the product across our regions GCC, East, and West Africa. Also, we are doing a series of marketing activities including virtual demos, campaigns, and other supporting activities. We have brought a range of printers who are into different business segments, we have packaging printers, label presses, commercial printers, and new entrepreneurs. We are amazed to see that there are new range of investors and entrepreneurs who are interested. Wide range of business people are being invited. Thankfully, we are amazed with the response. The attendees are very satisfied, and with results exceeding our expectation.”

He added, By bringing the Etirama SPS 2, we are bringing a technologically superior equipment under our strategy -  “Looking beyond China”. SPS2 is a Product from a well-established label press manufacturer, having 50+ years of experience in the segment. Etirama SPS2 is a superior technology equipment with shaftless press, that gives consistency in different print speed. This will be a game changer and a right solution for the market. SPS2 as an economic machine, ensures the hour cost compared to any competitor machine without compromising the print quality or the technical side. This machine definitely helps to produce quality labels at affordable price. We are using all sort of technology/ or the new generation approach, promoting the event and products. We are successfully doing a series of virtual as well as online demos, for prospects from other parts of AGCC and Africa who are unable to visit offline. Fortunately with the good setup and  backend team, we could give very successful virtual/online demos to customers.”

Do you think print industry will go beyond in the coming years?

Talking about the industry, he added, “We are very much optimistic when it comes to the industry situation is concerned. Unfortunately, lot of segments and businesses got affected due to the pandemic, but there are brighter sides and silver lining in the industry. As we all know, the industry is already transformed. We are bringing the versatile flexo press to the segment, as the industry will bounce back but will be in a different manner. The whole industry is changing and we are always part and very happy to change ourselves presenting the versatile equipment and business model catering the new demands, requirements and changes in the industry. We are seeing a lot of encouraging signs, we are a very positive organisation which was doing well during the pandemic and we also need the customers to perform well in the market / industry.”

“Afra is always a prominent player in the industry. Looking at the last 2.5 decades, AFRA has played significant role in transforming the industry with affordable solutions with automations. We always provide/advocate sensibly automated, ROI guaranteed equipment’s to the industry with strong long term after sales support, which are real need of industry, ensuring returns on the investments made by the investors. We are supporting the industry to make sustainable growth and future for everyone. With a series of packaging equipment to the market, we are successfully converting commercial printers to packaging printers with affordable investment without compromising application with international quality. We are providing a reliable pre and post-sales support system with proper consultation to the customer to figure out and resolve problems/ real issues which they are facing; we work with industry hand in hand providing complete support and trainingsWe are very happy to say that we play vital and significant role to the industry in this tough situation with bringing revolutionary innovation and transformation. We are very happy to be part of the revolutionary changes.”

Finally, he added about the future plans, “During  the pandemic  period, we also had challenges. 2020 was an excellent year to start up with, unfortunately by the end of first quarter, whole universe was stopped. Thankfully from the second quarter, we could limit the impact of pandemic, with a go get agile approach we could turn around within the second quarter. Although we lost around a quarter in 2020, still we have done very well for the year during the pandemic period. The network AFRA have through the regions, with own foot fall, staffs and branches played a great role in the industry supporting with services, training and installations to provide prompt support at the earliest possible. We mobilised our team to provide after sales support promptly without any expected delays. We have completed credible projects in UAE ranging from automated bag makings, flexo projects, and also packaging projects. Moving to 2021 with a great expectation, business is bouncing back to normal, holding good number of orders throughout  the regions. With challenges beyond our control, still we are in a much better situation providing same level supports.”

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