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Blue Rhine General Trading, a pioneer, trendsetter and market leader in the manufacturing and supplying of innovative signage, advertising and LED solutions in the GCC, has successfully launched the new, improved versions of its corporate website and the e-commerce platform. Designed exclusively to enhance the customer browsing experience, both the websites are on the same domain names; www.bluerhine.com and www.bluerhine.store respectively.

This strategic move was a part of Blue Rhine’s initiative to provides its customers with an omnichannel sales experience. Also, to showcase Blue Rhine’s expertise, the company needed to have websites that highlight its capabilities.


Adopting current website trends, the new website is exclusively designed to enhance the browsing experience. The new version highlights Blue Rhine’s products, services, projects, upcoming events, blog articles and case studies interactively.

The new website provides multiple contact options for customers, including call, WhatsApp, and email. Customers can now explore the extensive product portfolio of Blue Rhine through the well-designed product pages, tap into the online store and purchase products instantaneously.


This new version of Blue Rhine’s online B2B platform gives quick and easy access to its products, delivery services, discount offers, customer support, international shipping, etc.

The main feature is the ‘Shop by Category’, which provides an additional drop-down wherein all categories and sub-categories are listed for quick navigation. An additional search box is enabled within the ‘Shop by Category’ that allows the customer to search an item using a specific keyword and all the items that include that specific keyword will be displayed.

The ‘Advanced Search’ mechanism enables the customer to search for a product without having to use the keyboard. Product attributes are enabled as filters and using them in combination, search results will be displayed at the bottom in simple, readable lines. Options like ‘Add to Cart, Image View, Quick View, etc.’ will help customers check different products without leaving the current page.

Customers can check the product using the ‘Quick View’ option and add products to the cart and purchase them without even going to the product page, saving a lot of time.

On the ‘Favorite’ section, customers can add their favorite products for ease of purchase. At the same time, the store itself will add products when a customer purchases a specific product more than 3 times.

The new site ensures that the purchasing process is easy and flexible through faster check-out, enhanced security processes and the facility to change products or the quantity without going back to the ‘Cart’ page.

Bluerhine.store is also equipped with a ‘Blog’ section, which is connected to bluerhine.com, where you can access all the published blog articles. Amongst all these new features, the site contains integrated social media buttons to foster improved communication with our customers.

For both sites, the responsive format is better suited for browsing across all types of devices ranging from desktops to tablets and smartphones. With an improved user interface, it is now easy to navigate www.bluerhine.com and www.bluerhine.store.

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