UAE, Dubai, 27 May 2021Xerox Emirates, the market-leading experts in digital and print solutions, proudly expanded their partnership with RAK National Printing Press through the successful purchase and installation of the world’s first Xerox® Baltoro™ HF Inkjet Press with Color Accelerator.

The most advanced innovation in inkjet technology, the Xerox® Baltoro™ HF Inkjet Press represents the pinnacle of smart invention and the ultimate acquisition for print companies with aspirations of evolving both within and beyond the sector.

Through Xerox Emirates’ collaborative partnership with RAK National Printing Press, the northern emirates-based company was the first to invest in the latest state-of-the-art tech and advanced color accelerator that is designed to maximize growth and redefine possibilities.

The requirements of the market are no longer what it used to be and making a significant change to serve customer requirements was crucial for RAK National Printing Press. Representing a significant investment on the part of RAK National Printing Press, and a key addition to the company’s already extensive array of cutting-edge equipment and technologies, the Xerox® Baltoro™ HF Inkjet Press with the Color Accelerator feature, was a clear sign of its ambitions, commitment and impressive expertise.

Sameer H. Salameh, General Manager at RAK National Printing Press, said: “When we started evaluating our options for an Inkjet Press, it was evident that we wanted to continue to grow our partnership with Xerox Emirates. We were very happy with our investment in the Xerox® Iridesse® Digital Press with 6 colors last year in addition to their after sales service support which was quick & efficient to ensure less breakdowns. Today, it’s a proud moment for us to have invested in the world’s first Xerox® Baltoro™ HF Inkjet Press with Color Accelerator that will support our customers”

Offering unmatched automation, sustainability and scalability, RAK National Printing Press’ new inkjet press will quickly and effectively maximize its growth targets and rapidly expand its customer base by offering high quality services that are unavailable anywhere else.

The Xerox® Baltoro™ HF Inkjet Press, No. 1 in the B3 cut-sheet inkjet market unlocks game-changing results with a powerful combination of proven heritage design and new technology innovations. With the all new Automated Intelligence, a High Fusion Print Engine, extensive feeding and finishing options and easy self-service, the Xerox® Baltoro™ HF Inkjet Press is a dynamic technology powerhouse that will drive new creative projects, applications and opportunities for both Xerox Emirates and RAK National Printing Press.

With the purchase of the world’s first Xerox® Colour Accelerator (a field-upgradeable module that expands its range), RAK National Printing Press is able to bring out the full potential of High Fusion Ink, an exclusive optional drying and sheet cooling module that delivers stunning image quality on an ever-expanding range of offset-coated media.

A decisive and smart acquisition, Xerox® Colour Accelerator perfectly positions RAK National Printing Press to take on more and more demanding graphic arts or brand-sensitive applications with a platform that will deliver superb results. The firm can now push new boundaries, deliver confident inkjet colour and add new applications with ultra-modular, ultra-efficient drying.

“The powerful performance of the Xerox® Baltoro™ HF Inkjet Press will allow us to expand into high- value, high volume jobs, reducing our operating costs and allowing for production of a wider range of jobs. With the advance Colour Accelerator module we can choose from an incredible array of offset coated media including glosses, silks, satins, mattes and dulls to increase our scope of work across the full weight range of 60 – 300 gsm” concluded Sameer.

Xerox Emirates’ General Manager Simon Howells said: “We are delighted to be able to extend our relationship with RAK National Printing Press. After the success of the Xerox® Iridesse® Digital Press installation, it was a natural progression for RAK National Printing Press to continue to scale up their technology to support their aggressive growth plans.”

“This is a fantastic win for Xerox Emirates, installing the world’s first Xerox® Baltoro™ HF Inkjet Press with Xerox® Color Accelerator. The implementation was a great reflection of the world class Service offered by the Xerox Emirates team, completing the project in record time. We will continue to grow our partnership with RAK National Printing Press, aligned with their vision to be the leading digital printer in the region.”

Haitham Fouad, Head of Production Technology, Xerox Emirates, said: “With RAK National Printing Press, we saw an opportunity to continue our successful partnership after installing the Xerox® Iridesse® last year.To meet their objective of being the region’s biggest print hub, the perfect fit for their inkjet requirement was the Xerox® Baltoro™ HF Inkjet Press with Color Accelerator. This is the latest innovation in inkjet technology with remarkable accuracy at high frequency in real-time allowing them to maximize growth, reduce cost & increase revenue. The Baltoro also supports extensible inkjet media without priming as well as an expansive media range which will open the door to new applications. With intelligent automation, Baltoro uses 50% less ink than competitor presses to purge inkjet heads, increasing uptime and productivity while delivering consistent and reliable quality”.

As Xerox’s flagship inkjet press platform, the Xerox® Baltoro™ HF Inkjet Press is compact, lightweight and packs more performance into its frame than any printer in its class. Finishing options such as inline dynamic perf, perfect binding, saddle stitching and punching means it can tackle nearly any task and application.

The Xerox® Baltoro™ HF Inkjet Press has scalability built in to make more applications inkjet-eligible. Exclusive features like Black-only mode make it easy to transition everything from mono to highlight colour for high-end collateral, postcards and personalised brochures. It is designed to fit the needs of today’s print firms while helping them to evolve for tomorrow’s challenges.

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