New inks at FESPA 21

Easy inks gmbh will be at FESPA Global Print Expo + European Sign Expo with a new range of quality inks.

You will find quality inks "Made in Germany" for many large format printers on the market. The team around the new managing director Andree Bölkow also eagerly anticipates presenting to you a completely new easy-inks product line.

"The whole team is really looking forward to finally meeting our customers and interested parties from all over the world again", says easy-inks managing director Andree Bölkow. “The FESPA Global Print Expo has been a fixed date in our exhibition calendar for years. Because this trade fair is the ideal environment to make our premium inks made in Germany even better known for all large format printers on the market."

The motto of the FESPA Global Print Expo in 2021 is “Bringing Colour Back”. That sounds like it was made for easy inks gmbh. After all, the company offers high-quality ink alternatives with the best colour properties. Because all easy inks inks have been matched so precisely to the colour parameters of the manufacturer's inks that the change is simply done "on the fly": No tedious rinsing, no environmentally harmful disposal, no half full cartridges, no tedious writing of new profiles.

Instead: More safety for people and the environment. Because inks from easy inks gmbh are free of reprotoxic components. This not only pleases the operators of the large format printers, but also, for example, professional associations. As a European company, easy inks gmbh meets all common EU standards. "In addition, some of our inks clearly outperform the manufacturers in terms of scratch resistance and drying behaviour," emphasizes Bölkow.

The first-generation TR ink also remains available. The bag with a compatible chip can simply be inserted into an empty original cartridge and printing can be continued immediately. A positive side effect: plastic consumption and waste are significantly reduced.
“Our ink is made from premium components,” explains the managing director. "This is why, unlike other products, it sticks to all media, including photo paper, for example."
The solvent inks have become bestsellers in the range. The pre-filled cartridges with chips contain a premium ink that was specially developed for high-resolution prints. They therefore offer a perfect shine with absolute scratch, alcohol and chemical resistance. “The better controlled dot gain of the ink means that a better visible resolution can be achieved with fewer printing passes. In this way, we achieve 40% higher productivity compared to the original ink,” explains Bölkow. “The prints also appear clearer and crisper with reduced ink application. This is easy on the wallet and also reduces the environmental impact. "


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