Silver point invests in MGI JETVARNISH 3DS & iFOIL S

Silver Point Printing Press LLC offers print production, packaging, and digital printing services to its customers across the UAE who are looking to enhance their brand value via print and packaging mediums.  With over 15 years’ experience in the industry, Silver Point has been providing professional printing services and post-press works to top brands in the region. Based in Sharjah since 2005, and now with new innovative facilities in Dubai since March 2020, Silver Point Printing Press continues to take the most complex and challenging jobs, while ensuring to deliver unique top-quality products and services to their clients.
Part of Silver Point’s ongoing development is to continue to set trends and remain the market leader in Digital UV Printing. Silver Point CEO Shijo Lonappan said, “In recent times our customers have a demand for new digital methods to make their printed material look different with more special effects. To meet the customer demand and to stay ahead in the digital printing market, we were searching for a new technology vendor. That’s when we turned to Konica Minolta’s digital solutions through its local partner Juma AL Majid.”
“When we heard about the MGI JETVARNISH 3DS & iFOIL S we were quite excited to get the machine. We got a full presentation about the product benefits, about the foiling and spot UV features and before we made our decision, we tested various applications on a variety of media. We were impressed by the outstanding look and feel of the raised and embossed effects, single-pass UV and foiling features, automatic registration without the need of eye mark, or registration marks, that makes the MGI ideal for profitable short and medium print runs.”  
“Our current work process is far easier and significantly improved since the revolutionary technology of Konica Minolta MGI digital foiling has been introduced. The variable data printing mechanism is also a breakthrough feature and it helps in making variable data for short print runs possible, which was a request from a majority of our clients.”
“Ever since we partnered with Juma Al Majid and their team installed the Konica Minolta MGI JETVARNISH 3DS we have been able to undertake numerous short-run jobs that require creative embellishments. We now have a leading edge over our competitors as we are the first to introduce the advanced MGI technology with 3D Foil, 3D UV and variable data mechanism in the UAE. This will allow us to gain new customers and venture into new markets,” added Lonappan.
According to Konica Minolta, The MGI JETVARNISH 3DS is a unique technology that takes printing to the next level by adding more value to printed documents, featuring increased output for flat spot UV jobs and elegant 3D raised effects in a single pass. The MGI JETVARNISH 3DS can convert a regular printed output into high-margin spot UV printed sheets, or even higher margin 3D embossed jobs above 200 microns of varnish.
“The MGI JETVARNISH 3DS allows for digital embellishment with spot UV and foil in a single pass without the need for screens and plates. It has an ideal size of 36.4cm x 102cm and capability to handle up to 450 microns, a perfect hybrid solution to handle output from both digital and offset without pre-coating and lamination on most substrates, saving additional cost and making the job profitable. With easy operation and simple maintenance without the need for a technical hand, the MGI JV 3DS delivers consistent and accurate results from the word go. An artificial intelligent scan system registers each image without needing crop marks and ensuring accurate and consistent registration. The auto-cleaning system requires the least amount of human involvement for daily maintenance.
MGI JV 3DS adds value to print through digital embellishment making the print presentable and profitable. It is ideal for the digital embellishment of books covers, brochures, catalogs, magazines, certificates, invitations, business cards, menus, annual reports, photo books, packaging, tags, and more.”
Konica Minolta added, “We are very happy to have our first installation of the MGI JETVARNISH 3DS & iFOIL S at Silver Point Printing Press Dubai. It is an ideal platform to showcase the real value that the machine has to offer. Silver Point is a distinctive organization that is capable of utilizing the machine to its utmost capabilities by creating unique designs that will stand out from the rest. They manage a multitude of variations in their work, from digital to offset, and commercial to packaging. We have already seen several variations of applications created by Silver Point when utilizing the value of the MGI JETVARNISH 3DS & iFOIL S. Our association with Silver Point continues to grow and we see a prosperous future together.”

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