UAE, Dubai, January 18th 2020Xerox Emirates has taken another step towards reaching its ambitious goals of an automated, digitised and paperless workplace with the completion of its key internal Digital Delivery Project.


Designed to accelerate business process automation for the company and its clients, the project looked to seamlessly bridge the gap between paper-based content and data collection systems with more efficient digital solutions.


Falling under the umbrella of Intelligent Workplace Services (IWS), the project highlighted how a full adoption of the latest technology can allow for an easy transition towards a paperless end-user experience. The project has far-reaching benefits for Xerox Emirates and its current and future customers.


Despite the availability of new online and tech-led administrative and data collection systems, some companies remain unaware of the benefits of a completely digitized network and rely heavily on physical paper documents to complete a range of transactions and processes.


Not only are traditional paper-trail processes antiquated and slow, they also cause a considerable cost in terms of time and money spent carrying out tasks including printing, distributing, scanning, , filing and archiving. Another draw-back is the confusion caused by lost, damaged, unsigned or poorly recorded paper documents, issues that can have a dramatic impact on the essential flow of information and goods.


The benefits of a paperless user experience are far-reaching; from increasing productivity – by 30-40%  to saving money on costs such as media stock, printing, ink, admin, envelopes and even postage removing paper from the daily workflow equates to greater convenience and quality of service across the board.


Investments in paperless technologies and services provided by Xerox Emirates have been shown to pay for themselves in terms of greater savings plus improved workflow for companies within just 12-18 months of their implementation.


Digital-led services also benefit from their appeal to consumers and customers who are increasingly accessing more of their daily, financial and business services online while staff spend less time searching for information, the amount of waste ends up in landfill is greatly reduced and security of sensitive information improved.


Xerox Emirates recognises that not all institutions are able to fully do away with paper, but even a partial introduction of a paperless user experience can yield dramatic improvements in key areas such as data storage, internal workflows, logistics and overall customer satisfaction.


As part of its Digital Delivery Project, Xerox Emirates set out to address key strategic areas within the company to kick-start its journey to a fully digital and paperless future. They were:


  1. Convert paper-based forms to digital
  2. Simplify business workflows
  3. Cover employee activities & report delivery locations
  4. Submit delivery orders electronically
  5. Notify customers when an order is received
  6. Manage tasks & track them remotely
  7. Sign documents electronically
  8. Securely archive documents with an audit trail
  9. Create an easy search/find system for documents
  10. Generate reports electronically
  11. Create user-friendly applications for end-users
  12. Provide customers with a higher level of service
  13. Update systems used in process instantly



Xerox Emirates utilized a cloud-enabled document capture workflow software, used in combination with mobile business application and enterprise content management platform (ECM), to highlight the wide range of solutions that a digital-only and paperless network presents. These were deployed via a secure private cloud for enhanced mobility and security.


Xerox Emirates’ advanced analytics tools were used to identify the paper-based processes that would benefit most from automation. As a result, the Digital Delivery Project reached each of its targets, justifying beyond doubt that taking a digital and paperless approach to the accumulation and distribution of information increases control, reduces mistakes and improves the overall functionality of a company or a process.


The internal project showed how it is possible to eliminate avoidable delivery mistakes, greatly reduce admin time and increase the real time intelligence of deliveries by adopting a paperless user experience. 


Cost savings were quickly revealed through improvements in areas including productivity, efficiency, security and transparency with the addition of an audit trail that was easy to track and the introduction of a sustainable and environmentally friendly workspace that uses considerably less resources.


Xerox Emirates’ General Manager Simon Howells said: “The Digital Delivery Project is a key part of our internal Intelligent Workplace Services goals and will ultimately close the gap between the paper and digital worlds that exist.


“The project highlighted the wide-ranging benefits of automation and the many areas in which this can aid a business. We are currently working on a number of projects that are designed to help our customers by introducing costs savings and efficiencies into their network and allowing for greater upgrades and future developments. Xerox Emirates is greatly experienced in automating business processes by introducing new paperless technologies and this project represents an exciting next step for us and our customers.”


Sarah Zahr, Quality & Business Excellence Manager, Xerox Emirates, said: “This project is one of our ‘Super 10’ automation projects which was launched in early 2020. Despite all the challenges the year presented us, we were still able to achieve immense progress and we have started reaping the benefits.”




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