Xerox Emirates to demonstrate flagship machines at GPP 2022

Xerox Emirates will be participating at Gulf Print and Pack 2022 with live demonstrations on our flagship digital production engines, 3D Print and Software at Stand G8. The Xerox ® Iridesse ® Production Press with Xerox HD EA Fluorescent Pink Dry Ink is a unique market offering and will be demonstrated with CMYK and other metallics for some truly vibrant palettes that is set to wow the visitors alongside the Xerox Versant 280 press. Both presses will be displayed with the latest High Capacity XLS Vacuum Feeder allowing customers to advance the core capabilities with every job, boosting productivity and functionality for extra‐long sheets (XLS). Xerox Emirates will also be showcasing ElemX (Xerox’s proprietary liquid metal printing technology) 3D printed production-grade parts at the event and will launch the 3D printer in this market later in the year. The ElemX produces a fast time-to-part and reduced total cost-of-ownership versus competing technologies. It’s a disruptive technology which fits perfectly within the UAE landscape. 

Simon Howells, General Manager, Xerox Emirates, says, “Customers will have the opportunity to interact with experts from XMPIe to explore data driven print and VDP, web to print solutions and multichannel campaign management tools as well as Xerox® FreeFlow® Core to automate print jobs.

Visit Xerox Emirates at Gulf Print and Pack at Stand G8 to see how you can redefine productivity and drive growth for your business. Register here:

FreeFlow®️ Core software

“Xerox® FreeFlow® Core is a browser-based solution that intelligently automates and integrates the processing of print jobs, from file preparation to final production, for a touchless workflow that operates easily, adapts effortlessly, scales quickly and delivers consistently. It is a PDF-based tool, allowing jobs to be routed to any printer or any destination. It hides the complexity of individual operations and workflow programming whilst providing an intuitive graphical user interface. The simple drag-and-drop interface means customers don’t need to have a software engineering degree to create powerful workflows. 

FreeFlow® Core has an on-premise solution configuration that customers can install, configure and run directly from their own computer server. Xerox can also host the software with FreeFlow® Core cloud configurations. Multiple product configurations and attractive price points mean even small- to medium-sized organizations now have automation within reach.” 

Smarter Workflow Management Software

“The Xerox Smarter Workflow Management software easily connects, controls and manages workflows from anywhere while boosting productivity, convenience and security. The results: lower costs and increased efficiency.

•    Print Management Software - Our print management software and apps ensure digital data is safeguarded as it is shared while mobile solutions provide secure printing from anywhere.
•    Print Production Workflows - Automating processes across the entire fleet to get jobs done to increase productivity, increase quality with faster turnaround times.
•    XMPie Personalized Communication Software – XMPIe technology combines the power of variable data one-to-one marketing, web to print solutions and cross media campaigns in a single, scalable platform.
•    Enterprise Content Management - Accelerate and simplify business processes with next-level workflow automation. Capture, index and store content; manage information and compliance; keep information secure and access anything, anytime, anywhere.”

In your view, how can printing companies maximize the value of their hardware offerings and combine it with software solutions?

Xerox is a workplace technology company building and integrating software and hardware for enterprises large and small. 

To manage a printer or printer fleet, Xerox Emirates has a range of software solutions to manage any brand with greater efficiency and smarter workflows. 

By integrating software solutions with hardware, customers can benefit through automation, security, cloud accessibility, flexibility to work from anywhere at any time, in addition to solving workflow challenges, increasing print efficiency, reducing costs and growing their business.

As customers seek to manage information across digital and physical platforms, Xerox delivers a seamless, secure and sustainable experience through it’s portfolio of hardware and software solutions.

What are your efforts to achieve a "green world" by reducing wastage?

At Xerox, sustainability is our way of doing business. We align our goals and maintain the highest standards for preserving the environment and enhancing health and safety to make a worldwide impact.

•    We’re lowering the carbon footprint of our equipment, meeting ENERGY STAR® requirements and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
•    Paper sourcing, paper use, recycled paper, and eco – friendly paper offerings are designed to preserve forests and environment. 
•    Efforts over the years to remove toxic chemicals in manufacturing has resulted in clean air and water product lifecycles.
•    We produce products that use resources efficiently, minimizing waste and recycling what can’t be re-used.
•    Xerox minimises the use of hazardous chemicals with strict internal standards and requirements of suppliers.  Xerox has maintained an internal initiative known as the Waste-Free Factory which drives the global implementation of an ISO 14001-compliant environmental management system and helps achieve a 94% recycling rate for non-hazardous materials.
•    Xerox Emirates Recycling Program in partnership with Enviroserve to collect used toner and cartridges for recycling. In 2021 alone, Xerox Emirates collected 1,300+ KGS of used toner/ cartridges for recycling.
•    Partnership with PrintReleaf, a Certification System and Software Platform for Automated Global Reforestation. 

How can Artificial Intelligence and other latest technologies help the printing industry grow? Please give a note on the new technologies implemented.

In the recently published Xerox first fiscal quarter 2022, the Xerox IT services business has experienced strong interest in some of the newest offerings, such as robotic process automation, data solutions and managed security. Xerox Digital Services offerings are resonating with new and existing managed print services customers who use them to navigate their digital documentation transformation with intelligent document processing and personalized customer communications.

Xerox® Elem™ 3D printer and Additive Solutions
ElemX is a groundbreaking 3D metal printer that’s simpler and safer to use and addresses supply chain resiliency for transportation, aerospace, defense and industrial manufacturing. The printer is easily deployed, requiring no special facility modifications for operation. Unlike many metal 3D printing technologies, the ElemX requires minimal post-processing and therefore provides a faster time-to-part.

Xerox® RPA
Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are facing a lot of big changes. Managing operations, new challenges have intensified old pain points, tight budgets, Hybrid workforces and time-consuming manual tasks that keep business up and running, but not necessarily growing. Xerox RPA is a software-based technology that allows companies to address these changes while completely automating repetitive, rule – based tasks increasing efficiency. 

Xerox® CareAR 
Built and certified for the modern ServiceNow enabled enterprise, CareAR remotely sees and solves issues with AI/AR powered visual support deflecting costly dispatches, reducing time-sensitive resolutions, bridge the skills gap while providing greater efficiencies, customer outcomes, safety and reduced carbon emissions.

Xerox Emirates are now using CareAR within the UAE to drive a greater customer experience. With ServiceNow integration, we expect CareAR to become the dominant player within this space

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