Koenig & Bauer takes laser coding to a new level with the iCON 3

Permanent product marking with iCON 3

Koenig & Bauer takes laser coding in the entry-level class to a new level with the iCON 3

  • Economic product coding with laser
  • Comfortable and simple operation
  • Eco-friendly marking and saving money

The iCON 3 is the latest product in the iCON range, specifically designed for permanent marking and coding in the consumer goods and industrial product sectors. It offers users an economical alternative to inkjet printing, but has the advantages of laser technology: laser marking works cleanly and there are no solvent emissions. By eliminating consumables, the iCON also greatly reduces operating costs.

Thanks to a new touch-screen controller with updated software, the iCON 3 is easy to install, operate and maintain. easy installation, operation and maintenance. An integrated wizard assists with simple configurations and provides templates for reporting.  On-site technicians receive instant support through the on-demand online video tutorials.

In addition, the operation of the iCON 3 takes into account the increasing importance of climate impact. With very low power consumption and the absence of volatile solvents, the laser contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions. High-tech optics are used in the iCON 3. The powerful hardware and innovative, cost-effective software mean that the iCON 3 laser can reach the high line speeds of most production lines.

Benedikt Berberich, product manager for lasers at Koenig & Bauer Coding, confirms: "The market launch of the first iCON series set the standard for the entry class of laser coding years ago. With subsequent product launches, we have raised the bar ever higher. The iCON 3 is the first choice in its class in terms of economy, user-friendliness and environmental compatibility.

Get more information: https://coding.koenig-bauer.com/en/produkte/produktdetails/icon3/

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