AGFA Anapurna RTR installed at Delfina, Tanzania

AGFA Anapurna RTR has been installed this year at Delfina Eco Tourism Promotions Limited in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. AGFA Anapurna Hybrid was installed at Delfina in 2019. Nafeesa of Delfina says, “we have a long-term relationship with AGFA and they provide very good support when the need arises. We bought the new machine year to avoid downtime due to the dependency on one machine (Anapurna Hybrid). The live printing quality of our existing machine has been outstanding. This has been one of the major factors contributing to the decision. The installation took around four days only.”

Delfina has been one of the oldest companies in Tanzania to step into the field of printing and promotional materials. Nafeesa added, “During the COVID-19 pandemic, our business had drastically gone down for over 18 months. But we are seeing signs of recovery now.

“Our future expansion plans are still under discussion, but we remain very optimistic. Delfina was established 20 years ago with a strong desire to help businesses brand and market themselves for success. Delfina produces many unique and customized promotional items and caters to national and international demands.”

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