Certified cybersecurity at HEIDELBERG

In these days of networked industrial systems and increasing digitization, information security and cybersecurity are becoming ever more vital for companies. Even in the printing industry, it is hard to imagine working without automated and digitally networked processes anymore. To offer its customers the greatest possible protection for their data, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG (HEIDELBERG) has established a comprehensive management system for information security. This has now been externally audited by DQS GmbH and certified to the international ISO 27001 standard.

“This management system for information security will enable us to safeguard a high level of cybersecurity at HEIDELBERG in the future, too,” says Dr. Ludwin Monz, CEO of HEIDELBERG. “Ongoing assessment of risks from malware and other threats makes it possible for us to continuously improve the security of our systems and solutions.”

HEIDELBERG offers cutting-edge, networked, and heavily automated machinery, control software, and cloud solutions for print shops. Assistance systems with in-built artificial intelligence can be used to automate processes, even to the extent of implementing autonomous printing. B2B platforms for consumables and service parts, software for controlling the entire workflow in the printing process, and Internet-based remote diagnoses

for machine maintenance are also included in the service range. The successful HEIDELBERG “Subscription” contract models would also be impossible without comprehensive cybersecurity. In these cases, customers no longer pay for the press itself, but rather for the number of sheets printed.

As Dr. Monz says, “Over the past decades, HEIDELBERG has developed from a conventional mechanical engineering company that offers the associated services to a company with a high proportion of digital processes, products, and services. We see this ISO 27001 certification as both a recognition of our efforts and motivation to keep going. It proves that information security is integrated into the management and organization system of the HEIDELBERG Group, as assessed to recognized principles. This means we can live up to the justified expectations of our customers.”

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