Konica Minolta in Gulf Print & Pack 2022

Nayyar Ansari, Business Development Manager Konica Minolta Business Solutions Middle East, said, "this kind of a show was needed for quite a time for printers to expand their horizons and to diversify their businesses. GPP 2022 has been very useful. Konica Minolta signed off two deals for Embellishment during the GPP - two customers from Dubai and one from Saudi Arabia. During the pandemic, we got the chance to explore the options online to engage with people. The level of engagement online increased during the COVID-19 lockdown. But nothing replaces face to face meetings. There are lots of things that go with it. Virtual is a good platform for multiple initial engagements. But eventually, a business has to conclude with a face to face meeting. Our primary focus in the event was to give a message to the market that we are still strong.

Also, we wanted the customers to see the portfolio we are carrying. I think any show, big or small, doesn't matter; it should be specific. I think having this kind of selective participation is more favourable than having big participation with duplication of products. My message to GPP is perhaps to work on the same lines. If they could have more specifics, that would be great. It would further streamline the market segmentation. More specific options will help the customers as well."

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