Allun printing invests in Mimaki sublimation printer from Heliozid Océ

Allun Silk Screen printing has purchased its first Mimaki sublimation printer from Heliozid Océ; the printer was installed in January and has performed well, printing more than 1,000 sqm in its first month. Allun General manager M Aziz was pleased with the performance, and this is what he had to say during our meeting. He explains, “we have invested in the Mimaki TS 100 sublimation printer in early January 2023. Mimaki is a leading Japanese brand known all over the world for its excellent quality and productivity. The Heliozid Océ sales account manager approached us as we wanted to expand into the sublimation printing market. The Heliozid account manager understood our requirements and offered us the Mimaki TS100-1600 which matched our requirements. We were impressed with the quality of the printer. More importantly it was important to purchase from a supplier with good support and strong service team. This is the reason we went for Heliozid Oce, the newly appointed Mimaki partner.

“The textile printing industry is a growing business. As markets recover from the Covid pandemic, the demand for Textile digital printing has increased. We feel the timing is perfect for this investment, we are confident that we will see a good return on investment over the next few months. We were impressed with the print quality of the machine, the sharpness of the print, the vividness and vibrancy of the colors. The pricing of the machine was very reasonable compared to competing brands. The Mimaki TS100 printer is compact in size and the speed matched perfectly our requirements. As we are new in the textile printing business, we had a budget not to exceed AED 75,000.

“It just took 2 days for installation and training, we started printing soon after the installation. The Heliozid service engineers were available during the first few days to guide and support our operators and help us get the best colors out of this new Mimaki printer.

“We do have plans for expansion by year end. Market demand will guide us. First month volume was more than one thousand square meters, so the demand is there. As we promote further this new investment, we expect volumes to grow. We expect a growth rate of 25% year on year.

“Allun silk screen printing was started in 2021 focusing on embroidery, uniform making, and screen printing. The company has grown thanks to its dedication to excellence in product development, commitment to quality, and timely delivery. Customer satisfaction has driven our growth and we expect further growth as we have invested in this latest addition to our portfolio in textile printing business. Our customers rely on us to deliver the best quality products and superb service which enables us to successfully compete in this emerging market place.

“The textile industry is wide and adds value to the growth in countries around the globe. The UAE enjoys the strategic geographic location and also emerges as a major re-export destination for other neighboring countries in the GCC drawing the attention of many investors around the globe. Dubai and northern Emirates are emerging as a textile and clothing hub. After Covid, UAE was able to attract textile business from across the globe for stylish home textiles, another major factor that is likely to increase the demand in the market as restrictions are uplifted. High-end and premium home textiles are leveraging in the market owing to a rise in consumer spending and higher investments in the country. Another trend is the E-commerce. There has been rapid growth in the e-commerce market in the United Arab Emirates since the early 2000s and it has proven extremely popular for startups in the market. Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the main project destinations for many business enterprises that use e-commerce as a platform. The use of e-commerce in the market has made the ordering of home textiles products such as bed linen and cushions very easy through just one click for consumers in the market. E-commerce has also made products deliveries easy and convenient for people in the far town locations across the country.”

Philippe Husni, General Manager at Heliozid added that “The customer's perception is our reality.” Heliozid has always believed in this popular quote and has always worked towards building a strong, satisfied, and loyal customer base. When Allun silk screen approached us with their printing requirements, the first product that came to our minds was the Mimaki sublimation printer. The customer had done a thorough market study and was inclined towards placing an order for a different brand of sublimation printer. After gaining an in depth understanding of Allun requirements, we introduced him to the latest Mimaki sublimation printer, and we must admit that the customer was immediately impressed with the vivid and vibrant colors, its compact design along with Mimaki raster link RIP software latest features. After discussing the pricing and payment plan, the customer confidently placed his order without any hesitation.”

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