SGI Dubai 2023 invites exhibitors from across the globe to showcase latest innovations.

The printing and signage industry has seen rapid growth in the Middle East and Africa region over the past decade, driven by a booming population and expanding economies. As the region continues to develop, the demand for high quality printing and signage services is only set to increase. Exhibitors can reach out to the SGI Dubai team by writing to for booking their strategicbooths. The 26th edition of the leading B2B exhibition is packed with innovative products and solutions.

Sharif Rahman, CEO, IEC, the organisers of the SGI Dubai show, stated that, “One of the main drivers of growth in the printing and signage industry in the Middle East and Africa is the rapid urbanization of the region. With more and more people moving to cities and the demand for infrastructure and services growing, there has been a surge in construction projects, retail spaces, and hospitality establishments. All of these require high-quality signage and printing services to attract customers and create a strong brand image.”

“Moreover, the rise of e-commerce and digital marketing has also led to an increase in demand for printing and signage services. As businesses look to differentiate themselves from competitors, they are increasingly turning to unique and innovative signage and branding solutions. This has led to a proliferation of printing and  signagecompanies, offering a wide range of services, from large-format printing to digital signage and vehicle branding,” added Rahman

The printing and signage industry in the Middle East and Africa is highly competitive, with a large number of companies operating in the region. However, there are a few key players that dominate the market, offering a range of high-quality services to businesses and consumers alike.

SGI Dubai, the leading trade show for printing and signage industries has always been known to have attracted local, regional and international, trade visitors each year. In the last edition, the show had attracted serious buyers and trade visitors from close to 100 plus countries touching almost all the continents across the globe. Furthermore, according to a recent report from Smithers, the print equipment market is forecast to reach a value of $15.75 billion by 2026, despite the impact of the pandemic.

As the region continues to develop and urbanize, the demand for high-quality printing and signage services is only set to increase. Moreover, as businesses continue to look for new and innovative ways to differentiate themselves from competitors, the need for unique and creative signage and branding solutions is only set to grow.

The SGI Dubai show categories include, large format printing, signage products & accessories, textile printers, labeling machines, metal cutting & engraving equipment, LED displays, digital display technologies, screen printing machines, fabrication, ink, software, and media. In addition, SGI Dubai 
2023will also focus on emerging technologies such as, artificial intelligence technologies, robotics and 3D printing.

Global multinational brands from several countries including the USA, South Korea, China, UAE, India, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Pakistan werepresent at thelast edition of the show with some of their stateof-the-art products and solutions. The show aims to build the future of the printing and signage industries by connecting the global industry stakeholders once again on a solid and curated B2B platform. The show is scheduled to take place on 18, 19, 20 September2023 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. During the show, exhibitors from across the globe will head to SGI Dubai to showcase their latest products and innovative solutions in a live and in-person show. 
SGI Dubai showsin the pastindicate that majority of the visitors to the event are Tier 1 decision makers such as CEOs and owners and Tier 2 decision influencers such as production, marketing, and technical managers. Over the years SGI Dubai has provided the best return on investment to both exhibitors and visitors. Furthermore, another encouraging fact is that close to 39% of the trade visitors placed direct orders with the exhibitors during the show.

SGI Dubai is the region’s largest trade exhibition for sign-makers, print production houses, gift & promotion companies, media agencies, mall owners, car wrapping industry, real-estate developers, hospitality and tourism industries, 3D printing industry, architects, brand and image consultants among 
other stakeholders in the printing, signage, and imaging industries.

“The printing and signage industry in the Middle East and Africa is a rapidly growing and highly competitive market, driven by the region's rapid urbanization and economic growth. The Middle East and Africa region has many opportunities for growth and expansion, as businesses continue to demand high-quality printing and signage services to help them stand out in a crowded marketplace. As such, the printing and signage industry in the Middle East and Africa is set to remain a key driver of economic growth and development in the region for years to come,” concluded Rahman.

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