“Stay on top of emerging technology trends”: Ed Nolle, Mactac

Mactac self adhesive products application training for applicators was held on 01 May 2023 in Dubai, UAE. Mactac is a leading supplier of pressure-sensitive adhesives. In an exclusive conversation with PrintWeek MENA, Ed Nolle, senior technical sales specialist Benelux and MENA at Mactac said that, “we conducted the training because we wanted to educate the market here about our products. The applicators need to be up-to-date with the technology to use the applications perfectly. Sometimes they may use the products not exactly in the recommended ways. If you are not up-to-date, the products might not behave as you would like them to.  So always stay on top of emerging technology trends. Thus, trainings arereally important to get the maximum benefits of the products.

“In this training programme, we focused on the latest techniques and tips to use our applications and products. We want to make sure that when our applicators a pitch a project, they should be able to pitch the right products and applications to execute it. Our trainings help them to get educated and act smart in such scenarios. With this, they can educate their customers as well. And, for those who attend these workshops, we usually offer a discount for their first order after the training session.”

About the customer support, he says, “we are always available for our applicators. We work with our partners to ensure the best customer service. We have an active social media presence. We have been giving awareness on our products’ specifications. We have a big organisation behind it to target the regions.”

Regarding the latest technologies applied, the senior technical sales specialist explains “sustainability has gained huge significance. That is becoming a part of product design. When we launch new products, we make it more sustainable. So that is one of the key focuses now for the upcoming years. But we also focus on introducing new applications and architecture area.”  

Al Shabak is the distributor of Mactac in the UAE for over two decades. He says, "our partnership with Al Shabak is really an important partnership. We maintain a close relationship. We are proud to have them as our partner. It’s like a family. This partnership drives our business in this region. Al Shabak is planning to expand their services in the GCC region. And we are happy to be a part of it.”

Ed Nolle concludes, “the world has changed after COVID. Everything was uncertain during the pandemic. We had to cancel several events. That was of course challenging, but it forced us to think quicker and to come up with solution quicker. It was both challenging and exciting. You need to be agile as a company.”

Mactac has their head office and manufacturing sites in the Netherlands and in Belgium. For more than 60 years, they have been manufacturing and distributing pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA) materials that are used in label printing, graphic design, packaging, retail display, fleet graphics, automotive assembly, medical device assembly, and more.

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