SisTrade in GPP 2022

Firas Masri, Business Development Manager of SisTrade - Software Consulting S.A, said, "this edition of GPP 2022 saw much more participation. It was interesting. In the last two years, we have been growing 40% in the global market through digital transformation. All types of technologies in printing are covered by SisTrade. We are covering almost 15 languages. We have conquered the Chinese market also. We have modular solutions for printers. We are new to the UAE market. But we can see many prospects. We cover many industries. But we are focusing 90% on the packaging. We see this event as an important one for the Middle East and North Africa region. It's very important for us to get feedback from the market. So GPP 2022 helped us. But I have a suggestion to focus more on the machinery in the next event."

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