Installation of VINSAK USAR 430 at (EPI)

VINSAK, the manufacturer of a wide range of inkjet systems and digital embellishment solutions, has announced the installation of the VINSAK USAR 430 at Emirates Polystyrene Industries (EPI) in the UAE.

Emirates Polystyrene Industries (EPI) was first established in 1988 in Dubai, UAE. Increasing demand for plastics in the dairy and ice cream industries coupled with the need to produce eco-friendly durables spurred EPI into making high-quality plastic packaging products. A wide range of operations and impeccable quality has made EPI one of the pioneers in the UAE and GCC markets, being the leading manufacturers of plastic rolls from basic raw material to finished products required by a plethora of industries. Emirates Polystyrene Industries believes in distinction stems from innovation, and expertise stems from experience.

EPI said that working with VINSAK has been an incredibly customer-centric experience. From the moment we engaged their services, they demonstrated a deep understanding of our printing and packaging needs and a genuine commitment to our satisfaction. Their team went above and beyond to ensure that our requirements were met with precision and timelines. Emirates Polystyrene Industries (EPI) has enhanced its production capabilities by installing the VINSAK USAR 430, a cutting-edge finishing machine. The VINSAK USAR 430 is perfectly complemented by its high-quality features and functionality. This modular Universal Slitter & Re-winder operates on a fully servo-driven system, equipped with Inline Die Cutting, Pneumatic Unwinders and Rewinders, a Razor slitting system, Dual Rewinders, and the ability to slit a wide range of material from 12-micron films to 450 GSM boards. With the integration of the VINSAK USAR 430, EPI can now achieve precise and efficient finishing processes for labels, ensuring superior quality and meeting diverse customer requirements.


VINSAK is a supplier of printing and packaging solutions in India, Africa, and the Middle East. VINSAK has enabled many businesses to succeed financially by providing them with customized solutions that were well-integrated and supported. These include manufacturers of print that extend from large and well-established brands to entities that are in their nascent stage of growth.

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