Noaf Advertising LLC at SGI Dubai 2023

SGI Dubai's 26th-anniversary edition will take place on 18, 19, and 20 September 2023 at the Dubai World Trade Centre. Ranjit Kumar, Spokesperson for Noaf Advertising LLC explains the participation of Noaf Advertising LLC in the event. He says: “We are very optimistic about the prospects of SGI Dubai 2023. This is the first SGI event to be held post-COVID, and we believe it will be a major success. We will get to see a lot of new and innovative products, and we believe that this event will be a great opportunity for businesses to connect with potential customers and partners, and showcase their latest products and services.

“We are going to be participating in the SGI in collaboration with two of our valuable suppliers, Shanghai NAR, and Vulcan. We represent them as an exclusive distributor in the UAE. NAR is one of the leading manufacturers of self-adhesive vinyl in the world, and they have a very large product portfolio. We are going to be showcasing some of their best products that are suited for the UAE market. Vulcan is a company that makes cutting machines. They currently make two types of machines, the Vulcan flatbed cutter and Vulcan sheet cutter. These machines are extremely reliable and perform extremely well. They are also very compact, which makes them suitable for medium to heavy production. We have done a lot of market research in the last two years, and based on that, we will be launching and showcasing a new product at the exhibition. We are keeping it under wraps for now, but it is something that we are very excited about.

“There are several areas of growth in the printing industry. One area is vehicle wrapping. This is a great way for businesses to advertise, especially for new and upcoming businesses. Another area of growth is sustainability. There is a growing demand for sustainable printing materials and inks. This is due to the increasing awareness of the environmental impact of printing. Overall, we are very optimistic about the prospects of the SGI Dubai 2023 and the future of the printing industry. We believe that this event will be a great opportunity for businesses to connect with potential customers and partners, and to showcase their latest products and services.

“Our strategy for the next one year is to adapt to the new and upcoming market trends, build on our strengths, and address our weaknesses. We will need to do a lot of research and planning to make sure that we are well-positioned for success. We will also need to be flexible and adaptable, as the market is constantly changing. Here are some specific things that we plan to do in the next year: We will continue to invest in research and development to stay ahead of the curve. We will expand our product offerings to meet the needs of our customers. We will strengthen our marketing and sales efforts to reach new customers. We will improve our customer service to ensure that our customers are satisfied. We will invest in training and development for our employees to keep them up to date on the latest technologies and trends.”

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