It was great to see so many people at GPP 2022

Nitya Sabina, Marketing and Program Manager, Xerox Emirates, says, it was great to see so many people attend this year’s Gulf Print and Pack 2022 exhibition which showed the eagerness of the market to see the latest innovations and launches. The pandemic has had its challenges with being online and its limitations,  so people are excited to see live demos and printed samples. This platform allowed us to engage with existing customers as well as meet new prospects in addition to showcasing the latest innovations from Xerox Emirates. This year’s GPP theme for Xerox Emirates was based on the ‘Fluorescent Pink’ in line with the latest Specialty Dry ink launched for the Xerox Iridesse Production Press. Xerox has the broadest color capability and 'Beyond CMYK' offerings across any portfolio with a range of colors, embellishments, mixed metallics, extended gamut, media options and single-pass digital enhancement technology. We also showcased the unique capabilities of the Xerox® ElemX™ 3D Printer by displaying various samples/ parts. This was fabricated using liquid metal AM technology, where the ElemX melts aluminium wire and deposits precise droplets onto a build platform, layer-by-layer. This is an exciting launch for us, and we have seen a lot of interest around this technology. Another area that Xerox Emirates has been heavily focusing on is digital services for digital transformation. We have a team of experts with over 15 years of experience in scanning, archiving and moving physical documents to the cloud for our customers. This area of business offerings is set to grow. We have also built and signed multiple partnerships with experts in the field of digital solutions and service providers like OpenText, Kofax, Iron Mountain and more.

The future of print is bright!

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