VINSAK to display its new range of label finishing equipment at GPP 2024

Ranesh Bajaj, Director at VINSAK, in an exclusive interview with PrintWeek MENA, explained: “GPP 2024 brings together industry leaders and professionals from around the world. It’s an excellent opportunity to establish new partnerships, network with key players, and gain valuable insights into global market trends. We are seeing the following prospects do you see in GPP 2024:  Existing Convertors who are looking for new cutting-edge solutions to be more profitable, including Wide web gravure printers who need solutions for short to medium-run packaging production; Sheet-fed and Commercial printers who have seen their business erode to digital and now want to diversify into labels and packaging; Brand owners who are looking for brand protection and customer interactivity solutions; Integration of VINSAK’s digital printing and packaging technology and the GPP 2024 show will unveil digital solutions that can streamline processes, improve efficiency, and provide a more personalized customer experience.

“Vinsak will be displaying a range of Printing, Packaging, and Labelling solutions at the upcoming edition of Gulf Print & Pack 2024 at Dubai World Trade; during the live demo, VINSAK will be displaying its new range of Label Finishing Equipment which is the USAR 430 with a unique High Build System for Embellishments on Shrink films, Pouches & Labels and Digital Foiling. USAR with an inkjet system printing QR codes for making connected packaging will also be on live display. In addition to other ancillary equipment including a camera inspection system, monochrome inkjet printing, the Tabletop Rewinder, Reel Lifter, etc. Our Partners Rotatek  from Spain will showcase the offset and rotary presses, and Lombardi from Italy will be showcasing the latest Narrow and mid-web flexo presses, Iwasaki from Japan will talk about the intermittent Offset and flexo presses for short-run label production. Phoseon from the USA will offer the latest LED systems which reduce every press owner's carbon footprint, power consumption, and food-grade production capabilities.”

He adds, “The GPP 2022 edition provided an exceptional platform for networking with industry leaders, professionals, and clients. Opened doors to new partnerships and collaborations.It allowed us to open new markets of Asia and Africa. The most gratifying aspect was the number of deals we were able to close during the show. It was a catalyst for growth and success. As we prepare for the upcoming edition, VINSAK is confident that the connections made, and lessons learned in 2022 will continue to propel us forward.

He concludes, “The future is to merge the Physical and the Digital. Hence the term Phygital was coined. More and more solutions are leveraging digital solutions backed up by good physical properties to create a holistic packaging solution. Short run packaging and Digital Embellishment is where we see a niche for growth. Markets for Capital goods are still slow due to the high cost of Capital and customers postponing the purchases of new equipment for this. We have been able to hold our top line during this tough period and hope that in the coming year , we will be able to accelerate the rate of growth. Also we plan to invest more time and resources into research and development to offer better products to our customers globally.”

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