Xerox Emirates offers end to end production ecosystem to help print providers grow their business

The Xerox® end to end production ecosystem enables a wide range of high – growth applications and workflow that can deliver cost savings, boost profits, and provide competitive advantages to print providers. It drives efficiencies in the production of a wide range of applications from direct marketing, personalized catalogues, book publishing, packaging, photo publishing and more.

To further help print providers improve workplace productivity and decrease turnaround times, Xerox® continues to invest in automation workflow software using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Augmented Reality (AR), and data analytics enabling digital transformation.

The right end to end production eco system for digital transformation encompasses four key areas.

  1. Press Automation: Unleashes more production power with advanced automation, astonishing media latitude and cloud-based AI that automatically optimizes the press. It delivers consistent results, simplified workflow, fewer programming errors, and higher profit potential.
  • Inline Calibration, Profiling, Density, Color Registration
  • EZ Press Check is a tool that allows operators to select functions before a job is sent to print such as Auto Alignment Adjustment, 2nd Bias Transfer Roll Auto Adjustment, and Auto Density Uniformity Adjustments.
  • Inline Beyond CMYK brings print to life with glittering golds, stunning silvers, vibrant fluorescents and versatile layers of white and clear.
  • Xerox® PredictPrint Media Manager Software: Backed by crowd-sourced cloud data and powerful Artificial Intelligence (AI), it makes optimizing the press for a specific stock, scan-and-load easy in a few steps.
  1. Workflow Automation: Workflow automation isn’t just for big or specialty printers. With continued advancements, it can help even the smallest commercial printers and in-house print centers achieve real benefits in terms of efficiency and cost savings.
  • Xerox® FreeFlow® Core Software: Uses intelligent, rules-based automation to put manual prepress, makeready, and job routing tasks on autopilot.
  • Xerox® FreeFlow® Variable Information Suite: Maximizes the power of variable data printing (VDP) with a suite of ultra-fast, ultra-efficient design and composition tools for Xerox® and non-Xerox printers and presses.
  • NEW Xerox® FreeFlow® Vision Software with Predictive Analytics: Launched in 2023, this software gives print operators breakthrough visibility to fleet performance in real-time. It automates the process of monitoring, measuring, and managing performance to gain actionable intelligence for performance transformation and improvement of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). Armed with Vision’s powerful data, operations can immediately pinpoint and fix ROI-diluting waste and bottlenecks fast, while identifying beneficial efficiencies so they can be replicated, creating a more efficient, effective production environment. Learn more: Automate Data Collection in Print Operations - Xerox
  1. Marketing Automation: Attracting customers can be challenging. To stay at the forefront, print providers need to keep up with the latest trends in print and digital marketing. 
  • XMPie®: This personalization platform delivers data-driven and personalized communications and fully automated omnichannel campaign management.
  1. Infrastructure Optimizing Support:
    • CareAR® Assist Service Management Software: prevents and resolves problems using guided visual support reducing equipment downtime.
    • Engineering and 3rd Party integration is the core of Xerox’s innovations enlarging the portfolio and securing the future.

Simon Howells, General Manager, Xerox Emirates said, “Xerox Emirates is committed to helping our customers produce the highest quality work and maximizing their ROI, using automation, AI, and real - time views of critical operations. Our end-to-end production ecosystem combines leading technology and intelligent workflow automation. This includes the recently launched FreeFlow Vision, which will enable our customers to do more with less, turn liability into profitability, and drive their customer satisfaction”.

Another pillar of the end-to-end eco system is security regulations and compliance. With more clients concerned about security and data protection, Xerox secure printing solutions offer features that enable authentication and job tracking. 

With sustainability having significant importance to our customers Xerox Emirates offers a certified program to recycle used toners and cartridges. In addition to the PrintReleaf program which offsets paper consumption through certified reforestation and carbon offset projects.

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