Quantum Digital Technologies to showcase UV printing range and Iecho Digital Cutting solutions at FESPA Middle East

Manesh Shetty of Quantum Digital Technologies, says: “We are thrilled to be participating in the inaugural FESPA Middle East event. We are eager to showcase our UV printing range and our Iecho Digital Cutting solutions. Our aim is to present a combined Print and Cut solution that is perfect for Sign and Corrugated printing. At Quantum, we prioritize providing value-based solutions to our clients, offering them the right equipment for their production needs without compromising on quality or price. Our preparations for the event include having an array of solutions ready to showcase. We are excited to welcome both our existing and new customers to our booth. Additionally, we will be highlighting some Digital Cutting solutions in partnership with Iecho across various industries, such as Signage, Offset, and Labels. As Quantum Digital Technologies, this will be our first FESPA event. We are looking forward to the opportunities it will bring and the chance to connect with professionals in the industry.

“In addition, we are excited to announce that we will soon be launching new Direct printing on textile and DTF solutions. Stay tuned for more information on these innovative products. In the digital age, the printing industry is experiencing growth in various areas. One prominent growth area is personalized printing, as consumers continue to seek customized products and experiences. This includes personalized packaging, labels, and promotional materials. Additionally, there is a growing demand for environmentally friendly printing solutions, such as eco-friendly inks and materials. The shift towards digital printing technologies also opens up new opportunities in areas like variable data printing and large-format printing. Overall, the digital age presents numerous growth avenues for the printing industry.

“In 2024-25, we anticipate that the print business in the region will face certain challenges in certain segments. However, these challenges also create opportunities for growth in new segments. Despite these challenges, we believe that Quantum Digital Technologies will experience overall growth during this timeframe. Our company’s vision is to provide valuable services and solutions to our clients , positioning us as their preferred partner to collaborate with.”

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