“FESPA Middle East is the best stage to meet the target audience”: Desert Sign Trading LLC

Waqas Sabir, the CEO of Desert Sign Trading LLC, said: “We take FESPA Middle East as this will be the best stage for buyers and sellers to meet and to attract target audience for the promotion of our products and brands. Being a globally renowned name in the print industry, FESPA will be the right step in the Middle East and set a platform for exhibitors, suppliers, distributors, software media, consumable product suppliers for media and textile, digital media, creative art workers, interior designers and visual communication professionals. Trade shows like FESPA offer several benefits to our business. Unlike other marketing activities, exhibitions and trade shows offer a wide platform for brands to showcase products and services and communicate key messages to a more receptive audience. Exhibition participation can help us meet with customers who are proactively looking for a deal, which will result in being able to collect more leads. Create more chances we get a reliable pool of interested customers to reach out to after the show.

“We are thrilled to announce that we will showcase our latest digital printer technology and digital signage innovations at FESPA Middle East. Visit our exhibition stand to experience the future of printing and signage technology firsthand!” This is the first time we are participating in the inaugural FESPA Middle East event as an exhibitor, and we are very excited about it. No doubt, FESPA Middle East will set the trend to lift and educate new dimensions in the printing industry in Gulf corporation council countries, the Middle East, South Asia and Africa. Analytics shows there is a big scope and a wonderful future for the printing industry in the Middle East. And FESPA Middle East is the right path to grow with. Discover the future of printing and signage at FESPA Middle East with our latest items featuring state-of-the-art DTF technology. Join us for an exclusive preview of innovation in action.

“One of the factors contributing to the Middle East printing industry’s growth is e-commerce after the pandemic. As more businesses establish online presence, the need for printed materials such as packaging, brochures, and labels has increased. The way business is shaping up digital technology will influence equipment investment among customers as it provides more flexibility in speed in production, quality and uniqueness.  This can now be achieved through digital technology advancements. It’s not only about simply printing; technology shapes the effective use of a human resource, creating more variety that could be quickly produced, making changes and reproducing. Printing equipment is used to produce many different products through various printing machines. Our industry impacts a wide range of other businesses - such as food and retail, even logistics and travel that are innovating rapidly in response to changing consumer habits and needs. We welcome those who are interested in what innovations are being developed and introduced in our sector that will have far-reaching impacts on the way we do business in the future.

“The Middle East printing industry has witnessed significant growth in recent years. With increasing globalisation and a growing emphasis on quality printing, as the region becomes a hub for various industries, demand for high-quality printing services has soared. With continued innovation in all areas of print production, from design software to hardware engineering, we can anticipate continued growth and development in the future.  Digital printing has revolutionised how we generate print today; future developments promise to increase efficiency and productivity further.”

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