“The opportunity with Fespa will be an incredible journey”: One Stroke

In an exclusive conversation with PrintWeek MENA, Shaista Siraaj Qureshi, Sarfaraz Ahmed and Shaarique Sayeed Qureshi of One Stroke, UAE, said: “Fespa has always created a benchmark and is a step ahead in the printing industry. So we are thankful to Fespa Middle East for coming and encouraging the Middle East printing market. We, One Stroke, being a manufacturer and trader, are happy to be a participant in the Fespa Middle East 2024 event. We would showcase our new products, such as textile screen printing inks, which we have produced. We are the first individual company in the UAE to produce textile screen printing inks. This platform is one of the best for our industry, where all the screen printers of the Mena region will show their presence and interest. Apart from screen printing inks, we will showcase our new age of digital printers such as dtf, uv dtf, dtf/uv digital inks, sublimation inks, heat transfer papers and heat press. One Stroke has been present in the Middle East and Africa since 2006. And for the convenience of our MENA region screen printers and garment printers, we established our company in UAE this year. As We mentioned above, our company, One Stroke, is the first company to produce textile screen printing inks in the UAE. Our motto is to educate and guide screen printers and garment printers to make them aware of the correct way of choosing the inks, mesh and emulsions to achieve quality print in less time and earn good, profitable business. This is our first time participating in Fespa, and we would like to continue our relationship with the Fespa. We think the opportunity with Fespa will be an incredible journey. Through this platform, we are sure it will be a win-win opportunity for all our fellow participants, including us.

“We have plenty of products related to screen and digital printing,  but this year, we will showcase our new version of  DTF inks ( Direct to film) heat transfer technology; this ink is basically developed for all kinds of print heads. It is a super nano ink which gives better coverage and good elasticity to the print without damaging the print head. Apart from digital inks, we are also launching our plastisol ink brand ONE STROKE GTLLC, which is eco-friendly and phthalate-free ink.

“When we talk about growth, then we should talk about the growth of individual knowledge; it is always necessary to learn and earn knowledge no matter how you have to cross borders. Printing is such an industry where every pinch of product needs a print. And for that, a person should be well learned no matter by theory, but mostly practically. As we believe practical knowledge is always the winner.  In the digital age, the printing industry is finding new growth areas driven by technological advancements and changing consumer preferences. Some key areas include:

* Digital Printing Technologies: Continued advancements in digital printing, such as high-speed inkjet and electro-photographic printing, enable cost-effective short-run and variable data printing. This is particularly valuable for personalised marketing materials and on-demand printing.

* 3D Printing/Additive Manufacturing: This technology is revolutionising the manufacturing sector, including printing customised prototypes, parts, and products. It offers opportunities for rapid prototyping and small-scale production with increased efficiency.

* Packaging Printing: The demand for customised and sustainable packaging is growing. Digital printing allows for more flexible and efficient production of packaging materials, catering to the rising preference for eco-friendly and unique packaging solutions.

*  Web-to-Print Services: Online platforms that allow users to design and order print materials directly have gained popularity. Web-to-print services streamline the printing process, providing convenience and customisation for businesses and individuals.

* Textile Printing: Digital textile printing is experiencing significant growth, driven by demand for personalised and on-demand textile products. This includes custom apparel, home furnishings, and interior décor items.

* Eco-Friendly Printing: Sustainability is a major focus. Eco-friendly printing practices, such as using recycled materials, water-based inks, and energy-efficient processes, are gaining traction as businesses and consumers become more environmentally conscious.

“Adapting to these trends and investing in relevant technologies will be crucial for printing businesses looking to thrive in the evolving digital landscape. With One Stroke our industry people will not only have the new products but every time they will be supported technically by us. So that they can flourish their business with the correct way and they can make their customers happy. I am sure that not only Mena Region but all the rest of the African country would love to have our products. We are open for distribution channels.

“Business is always good in the entire Mina Region, we would like to do more expansion in the coming years. Specially in the screen printing and digital industry. In the Middle East's print industry during 2024-25, a noticeable transition toward digital and sustainable practices is likely. Businesses may invest in advanced printing technologies, such as digital presses, to meet the growing demand for personalised and short-run print jobs. The packaging sector might experience a surge in eco-friendly materials, aligning with global sustainability trends. Augmented reality (AR) and interactive print technologies could become integral for marketing and advertising campaigns, providing consumers with immersive and engaging experiences. This shift may be driven by the region's increasing tech-savvy population and the desire for more interactive content. Economic stability will remain a critical factor influencing the industry. A robust economy could spur advertising spending and promotional activities, positively impacting the print sector. Conversely, economic uncertainties might lead businesses to reassess their print budgets. Moreover, keeping an eye on environmental considerations is crucial. As sustainability becomes a focal point globally, Middle Eastern businesses may adopt eco-friendly printing practices to meet both regulatory requirements and consumer expectations.”

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