Al Mahir Printing at FESPA Middle East 2024

Dilawar Dalwai, Founder and CEO of Al Mahir Printing Equip. Trading said: "We are happy that we are participating in the first edition of the FESPA Middle East, which is a privilege for us to promote our products even though we are participating in different exhibitions. But it is a different class of people coming here.

“We are not only selling the product, we are selling the technology and educating our customers about the industry and products. It's not only in selling the machinery but how to utilize it and how it will be beneficial for them, whether whatever their requirements are, we understand first. Then we explain to them what type of machinery and products they must buy. So we educate people that we are there to support.

“Screen printing is a traditional technology but in screen printing, there are automatic machines coming to get faster production. There are some applications with digital when labour this system is optional and for the mass production in your screen printing is an option because digital hasn't got limitations even though for the smaller is good the TV's also for, the smaller but screen is an option only for the production.

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