Al Shabak Middle East at FESPA Middle East 2024

FESPA has announced that the second edition of FESPA Middle East will return to the Dubai Exhibition Centre in 2025. The event will run for three days from 14 – 16 January 2025, occupying the North Halls of the venue, including halls 1A, 1B & 2A. FESPA’s decision to host this event in 2025 follows the positive response to the launch of the inaugural FESPA Middle East 2024. Mani Nabavi, Group Director of Al Shabak General Trading, UAE, shared his experience at the event: "I think it's great that we're seeing an international trade show here. SGI was much more of a regional event. And now we've entered a sort of more international event. I was surprised to see people from London, even in Europe, looking for technologies from the Middle East. And I think that's an interesting new aspect. I love that we're a part of the inaugural festival. We are focused on our automotive business right now. So we're showcasing that here. Then, we have some specialized products or window films, and our new wall films incorporate actual plants into the wall. So these are two big products for the year.

“Over the last five to six years, we've continued to grow throughout the region, expanding the products we carry and the areas where we're active. We have expanded into Oman. During the FIFA World Cup, we set up a company in Qatar. And we continue to thrive there. We are taking the initial steps to establish our presence in Saudi Arabia. So for us, the show is very important. It connects us with many of our consumers in different areas and lets us showcase all the new rollouts we will have for different countries with the Mactac team here in one location. We have big ambitions for the region.

“Our approach has always been to be problem solvers. For our customers, whether RTA, Emirates, or Dubai Police, we like to sit down and figure out the exact needs. And custom tailor a solution that works specifically for them. We like to sit and, and work directly with a lot of our customers to figure out what is their needs, and solve those problems specifically, and in that way we help them thrive with with the media, they're using the advertising, simply getting back. So I think that's working very, very closely over many, many years. We're currently in a project that has taken us four years of working together to find the right solution, even before we even saw the first rule being sold. So I think that's where we help our consumers thrive: by working closely to identify their needs and then developing products, colours, or ranges specifically for those things.

“We do have an entire range of sustainable products. We continue to try to become a cleaner and more sustainable line. I think it is quite difficult in this industry. But we are taking steps in the right direction to become more sustainable, whether in more efficient packaging so the shipping is lighter and cheaper. We're using recycled materials to contribute to the overall packaging as the world becomes more ecologically and sustainably minded and as we see the UAE making steps to become more sustainable.”

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