“FESPA Middle East was a great opportunity”

The inaugural FESPA Middle East 2024 exhibition (29-31 January, 2024, Dubai Exhibition Centre) connected senior decision-makers from print and signage businesses with leading OEM suppliers and distributors, and featured a strong programme of educational content, facilitating conversations on investments, partnerships, and industry growth plans. Mabin Philip, Operations Manager of CSIX General Trading LLC, said: “we see it as a great opportunity to execute our products, especially the new products that we have implemented to the printing industry, especially 3D printing. So, we are more focused on sustainable products. So, 3D printing facility is something called, which is a future of the printing industry. Rather than just selling the products, we give solutions, or we see this opportunity to exhibit or to let the clients know the range we have in 3D printing materials and the facility. So the products that we sell, it's not based on just products, it's based on the applications that customers are looking for. So if it's more on customized product requirements of the customer, we will try to fulfill so apart from the 3d printing, and the normal printing industry, we can achieve with our product range of printing materials like fabric, and the black bag banner with fighting GSM that goes with a smooth surface. And we also have the general products categories like acrylics, and especially the speciality acrylic we focus on, we also have a category that is ACP with different finishes, which others do not have. We also have a few materials that it gives sign an interior designing team to go with their basic needs. So that's what we see as far as expanding ourselves as a new company, as well as it's a new place to explore.

“The show is a great opportunity, as I already told, being a new company, it's very important for us to have the client base in the region of GCC. We also look forward to have good qualitative suppliers who would like to conduct us so we see this even the right place for the board opportunities as a player as getting customers leads. We could make use of the clients requirements into our opportunities. The materials that we showcased below I've got a few leads not feel it's I would say like many leads people are happy with the products that we have. And we will be looking forward to adding more products soon after the semen from the leaves that we have received from this.

“We have been awarded with the distribution ship of two main brands one is from Europe, in Spain Bingle. So, we are going to distribute the 3D printing granules as well as 3D printing filaments which is eco friendly recycled, which reduces the carbon emission to the future growth of the environment. What we are going to promote is environmentally friendly or invoke friendly materials that will be a good product range of for the betterment of environment the full eco friendly.

“Whenever a client calls, we never say no, it's a 24/7 service based company. That's what we focus on. We have traditional company timings like nine to six. And after that, if you need it, you'll have to wait for the whole night to get the material for the next morning. But we are we are a company that is based on service oriented, we give 100% service to our clients. If there is any issues, we be there in half an hour. The deliveries, we do it in three hours from the time of ordering. And even if it's at midnight, we try to be the material on the same day as understanding the customer's origins. So that's the main USP of our company. And we do not go to a bar that is below quality. We always trust in the quality of the service.”

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