“FESPA brings the right customers”


Anke S Brandts, Manager (Product Management C&I) of Epson Europe B.V, said: “FESPA is a familiar name for us. And we know it brings the right end customers and partners. So that's why we're exhibiting here. The expectation is kind of broadening the ideas. So we have a lot of applications here. It is about talking to end customers. As you know, Epson always works through partners. So it's getting to end customers more ideas and then working with our partners to look at trends that make it possible to understand what customers are looking for for future development. So that's why we're here. FESPA is probably the most important show that we always participate in Europe and now here. We always do, but obviously, it will be the dominant show this year. The event is fixed in our calendar.

“We are going to launch a new UV printer. That will come later in the year. But it's going to be shown at Drupa for the first time. So, from a product perspective, all the machines we're showing here have already been launched and are in the market.  

“Epson is in the consumer area with printers and projectors. The big one of the big ones is started to be fabric. So that is something that as Epson, we're bringing more into this market, because we received the potential in the Middle East area. And also more of the movement of personalization, which can't do with the conventional printing. So more customization and personalization are needed.

“We were supporting to customers through partners projects. And it's it's about long-term support. So to always find a reliable service provider for products, we are working with partners on sustainable materials as well.”

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