See the Potential in the Future of Print Konica Minolta unveiled its presence at Drupa 2024

Konica Minolta to showcase 20 European premieres, pioneering digital transformation and live running of the biggest machines it has ever shown at the exhibition in Duesseldorf, Germany, from 28 May to 7 June, 2024 where it will have one of the largest stands at Hall 8b.
Under the main message of “See the Potential in the Future of Print”, Konica Minolta will set up a 2,400 square meter exhibition booth to demonstrate how it is strengthening and expanding the business of commercial and industrial printing customers, and ways of sustainable production in line with the philosophy of Industry 5.0.  This will be achieved by assistance technology, labor-saving, and skill-less operations. It will include not only printing processes but also post-press processes and improving the total throughput of the entire process. 
Industry 5.0 is the European Commission's concept for a vision where people are at the center of collaboration with machines, which, for Konica Minolta, involves developing unique digital printing systems and solutions to realize richer and more efficient production by allowing humans and machines to work hand in hand and help each other. 
Among the highlights from Konica Minolta at drupa will be showing completely automated production lines driven by Artificial Intelligence, a state-of-the-art web shop, and never-before-seen use of robotics and software solutions – including major advances in remote service engineering.  
Konica Minolta will be underpinning the unstoppable shift from analogue printing to the use of digital printing1 that is expanding into most print-for-profit applications - particularly in labels and packaging - in a world where high-value printed materials are produced efficiently with minimal environmental impact. A wide range of business scopes will be demonstrated from commercial printing to label printing, packaging and industrial printing, and as products and solutions. 
Konica Minolta takes pride in offering customer service of global standards, establishing trust with its clientele. Alongside considerate service, the company provides reliable customer support through an exclusive remote monitoring system unique to Konica Minolta. 

In other demonstrations, Konica Minolta will show unprecedented set-up configurations and new applications for its technology that will have far-reaching implications for not only commercial printers and converters, but also brand owners and design and advertising agencies in the way they do business. As one example, Konica Minolta and partner MGI (MGI Digital Printing Systems) will show how separate processes such as foiling, varnishing, printing, folding, and drying and can be combined into just one full integrated production run where MGI’s AlphaJet will be centre stage and showing the benefits of a complete single-pass factory. For customers, this will mean major savings in space requirements, power consumption and staff costs. Manual set-ups from different production engines will be combined into one completely automated system, including the use of software up to B1+ format size. 
Demonstrations of Programmatic Printing – taking variable data to the next levels - will also be an important feature of the Konica Minolta presentations. As an example, AI-generated content can be added to applications for totally targeted content for individuals who provide just basic information such as their name, age range and where they live. 
Human centricity and sustainability will be important talking points for Konica Minolta. Novel ways of showing the benefits of digital printing and exciting people to ensure they concentrate on the creative tasks, with assistance technology taking away many of the mundane tasks. Konica Minolta will show how digital printing empowers printing on demand instead of “printing for the shelf”. An example of Konica Minolta’s “sustainability by default” will involve using recycled paper for all the print-on-demand brochures and other marketing materials produced on-demand at drupa. 

At the core of its drupa showcase will be the new business opportunities Konica Minolta presents, designed to empower customers to navigate and thrive in the ever-changing market conditions. Labels, packaging and embellishment will be spotlighted as part of Konica Minolta’s commitment to providing solutions that resonate with the changing needs of its clients.  
Konica Minolta will not be taking printed materials to drupa. Instead, any of the Konica Minolta product sheets or other marketing materials can be ordered on a big display (think how it’s done at McDonalds!) and will be printed within seconds of any request on the automated lines running live.   
Aiming to ignite printing possibilities, Konica Minolta will be showcasing its vision of digital transformation in the print room of the future. A significant aspect of its demonstration revolves around the efficient use of digital equipment, specifically highlighting print automation. 
Under the ‘mixed reality service’, Konica Minolta’s remote servicing operations will be spotlighted where operators using headsets or smartphones with cameras can connect through the cloud to the Konica Minolta service desk to help with real-time remote visual support in the rare event of a problem.  
Konica Minolta’s extensive exhibition space is proof of the huge importance it attaches to the professional and industrial printing markets, as well as drupa, which will be the perfect touch point for targeted customers.  Across six inter-linked areas and two floors, Konica Minolta will have over 30 live running machines, virtually the same number of software displays and will be demonstrating how its toner and inkjet technologies complement each other seamlessly in the print room of the future.  
Years of expertise and a relentless pursuit of excellence 
“As a major player in digital production printing across so many markets, we will be demonstrating the advances that are the culmination of years of expertise and a relentless pursuit of excellence,” said Olaf Lorenz, General Manager International Marketing, Konica Minolta Business Solutions Europe. “For commercial printers, we help them see the potential with growth and business expansion opportunities that are aligned with current dynamics.” 
“We believe that the mission of Konica Minolta's Professional Print Business is to promote the shift from analogue printing to the use of digital printing, thereby creating a world in which high-value-added printed materials are printed efficiently and the environmental impact is minimized. To realize this mission, we have a wide range of business scopes from commercial printing to label printing, packaging, and industrial printing, and as products and solutions, we have the industry's best solution menu, including not only various digital printing machines that are our mainstreamed, but also pre-printing and post-printing.” 
He added: “Our showcase at drupa - with over 20 European premieres - will go beyond being a glimpse into the future. It is a manifestation of our dedication to pioneering digital transformation, fostering resilience, and contributing to the sustainability of the printing industry, especially as the era of print Industry5.0 comes to life.” 

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