AGE Graphic Equipment to focus on Paper Bag Machinery

Jayakrishna Valluru, Sales Manager at AGE Graphic Equipment FZC, says, for Gulf Print and Pack 2022, “our main focus will be on Paper Bag Machinery and all consumables related to paper bags.We have recently installed our first bag making machine at Classique labels and packaging. We are in talks with almost 10 customers for sales of these machines as of today. We will promote paper bag machines in the exhibition as it supports the sustainability initiatives taken by the Govt in the UAE.”

On combining hardware and software solutions, he says, “What we have seen in this market is that people invest heavily in hardware but completely ignore the software solutions that will help them improve productivity on the hardware. I think it will take time for a lot of printers to understand this and implement the changes necessary. As you are aware AGE started by selling CTP, workflow, Color management, and allied products from Pre Press. We have the distinct advantage of Knowing software /Certifications as well as Equipment and can help printers maximize the value of their hardware offerings by combining it with relevant software offerings. So what we sell is a “Solution” to an issue that our customers may be facing or a business objective that they are trying to achieve and not just sell hardware or software to them.

Strategy for the next one year

“We were the pioneers in introducing environment-friendly products in the UAE Print market.  Regulations worldwide are tightening the environmental laws and the printing industry is no exception. We will focus on getting greener products that will help reduce the environmental impact caused by the printing and packaging industry here in our region. We also plan to focus more on Color training as we see a huge gap in this area. Though the printing industry across the world is colossal, there aren’t many who understand “Color” well. We plan to try and fill this gap through planned and structured training on the same. Right now, our primary focus is on Packaging Equipment.

Efforts to achieve a "green world" by reducing wastage

Our focus is to get environment friendly materials / Machines that will help printers with the sustainability objectives.

How do your machines help customers get better service at a fair price?

Our approach to this is two-fold. Firstly, we understand the needs & objectives of our customers reaching out to us. We first play the role of a consultant and understand their problem or objective intended to be achieved, and then propose an end-to-end solution to them.

Secondly, we do thorough research on the solutions (hardware/software) that would help the customers achieve their objectives. We ensure that the solutions we provide are the most economical, viable, and sustainable for our customers.

Impact of Ukraine-Russia war on the printing and packaging industry

Basic Raw material prices have increased exponentially and the availability is a big challenge.

What prospects do you see in Gulf Print & Pack 2022?

“We are very excited to participate in Gulf Print as this is the first exhibition for the local print community after a very long time. We have always participated in every gulf print over the last 20 years. We look forward to meeting and interacting with printers from GCC and Africa to understand their current needs and help them with their requirements.”

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