Magic Trading Company at GPP 2022

“Magic Trading Company’s booth at Gulf Print and Pack 2022 is divided in two sections:  small printing equipment and supplies, and promotional gifts. In our promotional gift section we have lots of new eco-friendly gifts. The show will be a great opportunity for us to reconnect with our customers and possibility meet some new clients. We will have the opportunity to show them our new products,” says Sina Haghi, CEO of the company.

What does digital transformation mean for the printing industry?

With digital transformation we are now able to make samples without having expensive  and lengthy process. Making preproduction samples prevents lots of mistakes and errors. Also with digital printing we are not able to accept short production runs and having more flexibility for the clients

How can printing companies maximize the value of their hardware offerings and combine it with software solutions?

New software solutions can help with order taking process from online ordering websites with designer tools to providing information to traditional sales person to discuss with the client. Also ERP softwares are now playing a big roll in process flow management.

What are the new growth areas for the printing industry in the digital age?

In addition to software developments that getting more and more sophisticated to manage the ordering and processing also automation is going to play a big roll in future. Most hardwares were doing one task before and lots of manual work was being done in between however most of the newer machines are doing several tasks at one time and this is an area that will be improving in future.

What strategy do businesses need to consider while implementing digital transformation?

I believe that there is no one solution that will fit everyone. Some business are small and some big ,so when moving to digital should consider the return on investment.

What are the challenges faced by the printing industry in the digital age, and how to overcome them?

Digital transformation requires heavy investment so the barriers to entry will increase and will be harder for smaller companies to acquire. Also the companies who have gone through digital transformation and automation will have higher capacities so can offer faster and cheaper service. It will be hard for smaller companies to compete in this market.

What is your strategy for the next one year?

To invest in both software as well as more sophisticated hardware.

How has the COVID pandemic affected your business? How are you overcoming the challenges?

During the challenging covid times we worked harder to better ourselves and improve company efficiency. We improved the company with latest products and technologies. Having superior products and efficient production has given us a competitive advantage.

What are your efforts to achieve a "green world" by reducing wastage?

We have introduced many new products made from recycled materials or nature friendly materials.

How do your machines help customers get better service at a fair price?

Our machines generally require very small investment but enable customers to offer new services.

What is the impact of the Ukraine-Russia war on the printing and packaging industry?
Luckily Middle East has been had a very minimal effect. And our company has not been effected much by the unfortunate war.

What prospects do you see in Gulf Print & Pack 2022? Please explain.

The show will be a great opportunity for us to reconnect with our customers and possibility meet some new clients. We will have the opportunity to show them our new products.

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