PaperOne highlights new ‘Paper Once More!’ recycling programs

PaperOne recycling programmes have been highlighting its commitment to circularity at the Dubai Expo 2020.

PaperOne has announced the details of new recycling programmes that it is introducing across key markets in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. PaperOne said that it would collaborate with document disposal and recycling partners in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the United Arab Emirates to support the collection of paper waste for recycling under the theme ‘Paper Once More!’. As part of this move, in Dubai, PaperOne has partnered with a local paper shredding company that provides secure document destruction and recycling services across the United Arab Emirates to pick up wastepaper from various business locations for recycling.

PaperOne is the flagship brand of APRIL Group. According to PaperOne, the ‘Paper Once More!’ collaboration will result in the recycling of approximately 20,000 tons of paper waste in the first full year of operation, with scope for further expansion. PaperOne said it has also committed to supporting recycling one ton of wastepaper for every ton purchased by customers in Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia through official branded online channels.

Bey Soo Khiang, Chairman, APRIL Group, said: “Our regional ‘Paper Once More!’ wastepaper recycling programmes are a major part of our commitment to becoming increasingly circular and more sustainable as a business. The future growth of our business depends on our ability to become more circular, productive and diversified in a way that is sustainable and benefits climate, nature and people”.  

Last year, APRIL launched its APRIL2030 commitments and targets to guide the development of the company’s operations over the coming decade, building on the foundations of its Sustainable Forest Management Policy 2.0. The company says its APRIL2030 commitments include increasing material efficiency and circularity to achieve 98% chemical recovery and 25% less process water usage per product tonne.

Wanyan Shaohua, Head of Paper Business, APRIL Group, said: “These recycling programmes can also have a significant practical impact. In Malaysia, we are helping to collect over 2,000 metric tons of waste paper for recycling purposes, using five recycling trucks and 10 recycle bins. To put this into perspective, the height of 2,000 tons of wastepaper stacked together would be taller than the Petronas twin towers in Kuala Lumpur.”

PaperOne also highlighted some of the latest addition to its product range at the Dubai Expo 2020. It claims PaperOne Script has been engineered for scholastic needs and is alkaline sized to meet ISO 9706 standards for archival quality. The PaperOne 75gsm two-ream pack has been specially designed for e-commerce purposes and comes with a high-quality box, which protects the two reams of paper during delivery to the end consumer, it added.

PaperOne, in an official press release, stated that the ‘Paper Once More!’ programmes are also aligned with the sustainability commitments of APRIL’s sister company, Asia Pacific Rayon (APR). APRIL and APR are part of the RGE group of resource-based companies. APR produces natural and biodegradable viscose rayon used in textile products. APR has informed that it will soon launch its long term 2030 sustainability strategy, which will include a commitment to using fibre with 20% recycled textile composition in production by 2030 while collaborating with industry partners to advance the collection, sorting and recycling of textile waste.



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