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          Xerox Emirates commits to a                                                               PRINT BY

          green future                                                                                   50

            With sustainability at the                                       incredible success since its   Hotpack Global has
           core of its values, Xerox                                         launch, and we hope to con-  released year of fiftieth
           Emirates is contributing to a                                     tinue to contribute to the   souvenir paper cups.
           green future with the success                                     greener lifestyle needs of our   page 3
           of its sustainable initiatives                                    customers whilst helping to
           launched in the recent years                                      make the UAE a leading sus-
           that include the Toner &                                          tainable destination.”
           Cartridge Recycling program                                         “In addition to this,  we
           with Enviroserve, the Print                                       look at how we can simplify   8k
           Releaf program and other                                          work, deliver more personal-
           internal Recycling initiatives.                                   ized experiences, and
           The  Toner and Cartridge                                                                        Mutoh
           Recycling program has been   ‘Sustainability is core to our business’: Simon Howells  improve productivity through   The XPJ-1341SR Pro and
                                                                                                     XPJ-1641SR Pro printers
           in effect since 2010 where   sustainability goals. With   LLC said: “At Xerox Emirates,   our software and technology.   have a list price of
           Xerox Emirates customers                                          Our Digital Services offerings   £8,000
           can recycle their used Xerox   over 200 customers regis-  sustainability is core to our   in automation and content   and £11,000 respectively.
           branded toners and car-  tered on this program, they   business. We align our goals   management, help our cus-  page 9
           tridges using a voucher-based   collect almost 1800+ Kgs of   for the environment, in key   tomers be more productive,
           system in the UAE. After   toners and cartridges every   areas, to make an impact for   profitable, and sustainable
           each collection, the organiza-  year for recycling.  our people and our custom-  whilst contributing to conser-
           tion gets a ‘Green Certificate’   Simon Howells, General   ers. Our sustainability initia-  vation of natural resources,”
           which adds to their corporate   Manager at Xerox Emirates   tives have demonstrated   concluded Howells.  33m
           BOBST, no.1 for vacuum metallizing                                                        Smurfit Kappa to invest
                                                                                                        Smurfit Kappa

           and coating in flexible packaging                                                         $33 m in expansion of
                                                                                                        Fortaleza plant
                                                                                                          page 10

            BOBST  has  claimed                                              BOBST’s Centers of
           another global top spot, with                                     Excellence has also been key,
           recent sales figures revealing                                    with the Centers in Bobst
           that the company now has                                          Manchester and Bobst Italia   40%
           the largest share in the                                          containing specialist equip-
           worldwide flexible packag-                                        ment and expertise in vac-
           ing market for vacuum                                             uum metallizing and coating   Armor-Iimak and Astorg
           metallizing and coating tech-                                     respectively.             Astorg acquiring
           nologies.                                                           “This achievement is actu-  40% of Armor-
            “Sales in these technolo-                                        ally the culmination of a   Iimak’s capital.
           gies have been particularly                                       long-term vision and process,   page 15
           buoyant over the last two                                         which we have progressed
           years or so and we are                                            step by step, with quality
           delighted to claim the lead-  Davide Garavaglia: ‘Culmination of a long-term vision and process’  always at the center,”
           ing position,” said Davide                                        e x p l a i n e d  D a v i d e
           Garavaglia, Head of Product   tion, and sustainability, with  years of expertise in the vac-  Garavaglia.
           Lines Vacuum Metallizing,   our capability of producing  uum coating process and in   “We have made significant   80k
           Coating, Laminating,   machinery characterized by  handling flexible substrates.   investments along the way in
           Gravure Printing at BOBST.   minimal downtime and  This has led to the develop-  terms of R&D, technical   XSYS
           “The recent developments   superb quality at high  ment of high technology vac-  aspects, staffing and train-  XSYS has implemented a
           that BOBST introduced to   speeds.”         uum metallizing and coating   ing, and the result has been   price increase of 6
           the market combine our   It is a milestone that has  lines that can be used to pro-  high-quality technology that   percent across its
           vision, based on connectiv-  been several years in the  duce a wide variety of prod-  answers the needs of our cus-  nyloflex product
           ity, digitalization, automa-  making. BOBST has many  ucts. The introduction of   tomers.”     page 18
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