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           Expand Beyond CMYK with a proven

           innovator – Xerox

           B      help you grow faster and get noticed. Increasing innovation
                   eyond CMYK is a driving force in the marketplace that can

                  in print enhancement technologies lets you amplify a wide
                  array of print jobs with stunning, business-driving digital
                  special embellishments. Xerox MEA explains that print pro-
           viders need to earn more from fewer jobs and to differentiate their
           businesses from the competition. Digital enhancements – like gold,
           silver, white, clear and fluorescent colors can provide both increased
           profits and a competitive advantage. Xerox’s market leading Beyond
           CMYK portfolio provides print professionals opportunity for digital
           print enhancements - from the large volume print shop, to light pro-
           duction and into the office space. Beyond CMYK technology is the
           stuff of imagination. Go beyond colour. Bring print to life with glitter-
           ing golds, stunning silvers, vibrant fluorescents and versatile layers of
           white and clear.
            The opportunity is huge as printers can jump ahead with a 27% com-
           pound annual growth rate and earn more with margins ranging from
           50% to 400%; and buyers will pay a premium of 24% to 89%. The
           application possibilities are virtually limitless. As the market recovers,
           print providers need to convert less volume into more value and dif-
           ferentiate from their competition.
                                                                     y Growth opportunity: Print enhancement is the fastest growing segment
             y Page value:  Print buyers are willing to pay a premium of 24% to   in print. (KPI)
            89% over CMYK for digital print enhancements. (KPI)
                                                                     y More with less: Profit margins on digital enhancements are between 50
             y Enhancement opportunity: By the end of Q4, promotional printing,   and 400 percent versus ordinary print. (KPI – Beyond CMYK)
            including direct mail, brochures, books, signage and catalogs, is     y Enhance existing business: Promotional print applications such as: bro-
            expected to approach 2019 levels. These applications are in high   chures, business cards, stationery, menus and signage are the most
            demand for digital embellishments. (Keypoint)
                                                                    common category for embellishments and standard applications for
             y Remain competitive: In a global survey, half of all print providers   most commercial print providers. (KPI)
            say specialty colors are a must-have for their businesses. (KPI)
                                                                     y Market opportunity: Gold, silver, white, clear are the most sought-after
             y Insource, not outsource: Grow margins, save time and cost by add-  digital enhancements. (KPI)
            ing print enhancements inhouse and not outsourcing client work.
                                                                   Expand Beyond CMYK with a proven innovator – Xerox
             y Xerox has the broadest portfolio of Beyond CMYK offerings giving
            customers access to digital enhancements from the large volume   Speciality dry inks mean differentiation. Digital technologies open up
            print shop, to light production and into the office space.   new opportunities for rich layering and eye-catching embellishments, all
                                                                  while maintaining digital print’s advantages – short runs, quick turna-
             y Designer options:  Xerox Beyond CMYK offerings can automate   rounds and high-impact personalisation. Xerox offers the widest range of
            adding digital enhancements without a designer or print whatever   digital embellishment capabilities. Expand Beyond CMYK with business-
            can be imagined using a designer or creative agency.   driving differentiators: White Dry Ink for the Xerox® iGen® 5 Press more
                                                                  than doubles the brightness and opacity of competitive inks; The Xerox®
             y Scalable: Xerox technology is scalable with new innovations and
            colors being added to platforms without the need to buy a new   Iridesse® Production Press – the world’s first inline, sixcolour digital plat-
            press.• Affordable: Primelink and Versant 180 Adaptive Kits can be   form – can run two embellishments in a single pass with CMYK; Xerox®
            added at a quarter of the cost of purchasing a stand-alone new   Adaptive CMYK+ Kits enable up to seven speciality colours on an existing
            CMYK+ device.                                         device, enabling instant digital print enhancements – and up to four spe-
                                                                  ciality colours in a single pass.
             y Unlimited Palette: No one can offer the range of colors, varnishes,   For more than 100 years, Xerox has continually redefined the workplace
            mixed metallics, extended gamut, media options and single pass   experience. Harnessing their leadership position in office and production
            digital enhancement technology of the Xerox portfolio of Beyond   print technology, they have expanded into software and services to sus-
            CMYK offerings.                                       tainably power today’s workforce. Today, Xerox scientists and engineers
                                                                  are continuing our legacy of innovation with disruptive technologies in
             y Digital print enhancements increase profitability, delivering higher
            margins on fewer pages with a broad set of premium applications.   digital transformation, augmented reality, robotic process automation,
                                                                  additive manufacturing, Industrial Internet of Things and cleantech.
                                                                     January 2023 PrintWeek MENA 7
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