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           Fujifilm upgrades Jet Press                                                             Screen updates

           750S High Speed Model                                                                   has  moved to clarify  the
                                                                                                     Screen Graphic Solutions

                                                                                                   applications for its
            Fujifilm is introducing a                                        sacrifice, then they’ve got   Truepress range of inkjet
           new High Value mode to its                                        that negotiating place when   presses with market-specific
           Jet Press 750S High Speed                                         they’re talking to their cus-  branding.
           Model that offers a third                                         tomers.                 The Truepress range cur-
           production option in addi-                                          “But at the same time, the   rently spans models for com-
           tion  to  its  existing  High                                     customer never needs to   mercial printing and
           Quality and High                                                  know – the printer can   publishing, labels, and pack-
           Performance modes. The                                            decide if this mode is appro-  aging. The first device was
           new High Value mode sits in                                       priate for a certain job and   launched in 2006.
           between  Jet  Press  High   High Value mode enhances Jet Press 750S High Speed Model  use it. It just offers more
           Quality and High      the ultimate highest quality  offer more flexibility. If a   choice, and a way of making   A prototype model for
                                                                             the Jet Press address more of
           Performance modes. It   that  the  Jet Press  High   customer says that they like   the market.”  paper-based flexible packag-
           prints at the same    Quality mode can produce   the high quality of the Jet   Fujifilm is also introducing   ing using food-safe inks was
           1,200x1,200dpi native reso-  and, as it uses no RCP, run-  Press but want something   the option of increased feed   unveiled in September.
           lution as High Quality   ning costs are reduced.  that sits in between high   and delivery stack heights to    Screen said that it had
           mode, but without the need   Mark Stephenson,   quality and high speed, or if   the Jet Press 750S. The addi-  been working to better dif-
           for the rapid coagulation   Fujifilm Europe digital press  the printer wants to say to   tional 300mm height means   ferentiate its development
           primer (RCP).Fujifilm said   and print manager, told   their customer they can   1,000 extra sheets of 300μm   of products and solutions for
           this intermediate level   Printweek: “This will bene-  offer them a reduction in   folding carton board – an   individual markets, and the
           would be suitable for appli-  fit, primarily, the owner of a  price for a small sacrifice in   increase of 37% – can be   new logos reflected that pro-
           cations that do not require   Jet Press in being able to   quality rather than a larger  used.  cess.
           Hybrid acquires Quadraxis                                         Riso launches two

           Technology                                                        new printers

            Hybrid Software Group
           has acquired the technology                                         Riso has launched two
           and intellectual property of                                      new cutsheet high-speed
           French company Quadraxis,                                         inkjet printers for the pro-
           which developed 3D scan-                                          duction print market. The
           ning and image processing                                         Valezus T2200, which made
           technology. After Quadraxis                                       its worldwide debut at
           went into  receivership,                                          IGAS2022, Tokyo in
           Hybrid was the successful                                         November, is a twin-
           bidder to acquire its intellec-                                   engined, full-colour device   Riso’s new Valezus T1200
           tual property from the liqui-  Quadraxis developed 3D scanning & image processing technology  that replaces the T2100,
           dators, including software   ogy to simplify the capturing   more efficient. We obviously  which was released in 2019.  sheet delivery capacity
           source code and trade names.  of 3D models to facilitate the   regret the company going   Equipped with a new,   feeder and stacker.
            Announced yesterday (1   distortion of graphic designs   into receivership, and really   enhanced engine to further   Tatsuo Murakami, manag-
           December),  the  deal   for shrink sleeves, embossed   wanted to salvage the tech-  deliver high productivity,   ing director at Riso UK, said:
           strengthens the group’s offer-  metal, and thermoformed   nology. By making the suc-  the T2200 achieves a duplex   “While the production print
           ing in 3D and additive manu-  plastic packaging,” said Nick   cessful bid, we are happy to   printing speed of 330ppm.  market is changing and
           facturing. It plans to   De Roeck, co-president of   be able to give the technology   Meanwhile, the new sin-  evolving all the time, there is
           integrate Quadraxis software  Hybrid Software, a Hybrid           gle-engined Valezus T1200,   a constant need for flexibil-
           into its existing portfolio,   Software Group company.  a new home at Hybrid   which is additional to the   ity, quick turnaround, and,
           which includes other 3D   “Many companies in the   Software.”     Riso portfolio, is suitable for
           applications such as iC3D   packaging industry use   The group will continue to   both  short  and long-run   ultimately, profitability. The
           and Met3D.            Quadraxis technology in   assist current customers with   transactional printing. The   devices are available both
            “During its 19 years of   automated workflows to   continued support and main-  full-colour machine offers   direct from Riso and from its
           operation, Quadraxis devel-  make their packaging pro-  tenance for their existing  print speeds of 165ppm and   distributors. Pricing was not
           oped some unique technol-  duction less manual and   Quadraxis software.  is equipped with a 4,000-  disclosed.
                                                                     January 2023 PrintWeek MENA 9
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